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Leeds-List has heard it on the grapevine, local institution Anthony’s Leeds has closed down, and potentially for good.

The streets are on fire with talk of one of Leeds’ best loved family-run businesses and restaurants closing down.

An unnamed Leeds-List source has informed us that from 8am this morning (Friday 21st June 2013), Anthony’s Restaurant, Piazza and Rib Shakk in Corn Exchange and Anthony’s Patisserie in Victoria Quarter have closed down and all staff have been let go.

This is a remarkable development, if true, particularly when you consider the esteem in which Anthony’s is held nationally, as well as across the city.

Having been a part of the city’s hospitality landscape since 2004, we have witnessed Anthony’s grow from its beginnings on Boar Lane, to become one of the most recognisable features of the city of Leeds as it opened up shop and lay down cutlery in Corn Exchange and Victoria Quarter.

Anthony's Leeds Closed Down Administration (corn Exchange Leeds)

In recent times, it has expanded its offering further by introducing Rib Shakk, a more relaxed causal dining experience, with a focus on great meats and great service. It was a venture that again helped breathe new life into Corn Exchange as it continues to challenge itself and grow into a must-visit destination within the city amidst competition form other parts of town.

We are also just weeks away from Corn Exchange’s 150th birthday celebrations and to lose a large majority of its offering – and potentially, footfall, – at a critical time will raise questions as to how they will cope should Anthony’s never return.

The sad thing about this situation is when you look between the lines. Anthony’s is a Leeds success story, embodying the best of Yorkshire and fine dining in environments unique to this city. It has diversified and grown yet never lost the same qualities it had 9 years ago.

For Leeds to lose one of its finest sons will be a sad eventuality; but then again, the city always gets back up when it is knocked down, who is to say Anthony’s can’t do the same?


Anthony’s was in the Corn Exchange, Leeds, Anthony’s Patisserie was in the Victoria Quarter. Anthony’s first restaurant was on Boar Lane, near Trinity.


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