Looking for the best cheap places to eat in Leeds? If you’ve got a tenner in your pocket, these bars and restaurants will come through.

If you want to go out without splashing out, we’ve got you covered. After all, Leeds is a city packed with restaurants, and while some of them will cost a pretty penny, others are deliciously cheap. So let us introduce you to some of the most affordable eateries that Leeds has to offer…

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Calls Landing

Calls Landing

Most of us think of Calls Landing as the perfect place to grab a beer when the sun’s shining – which means their food offering is woefully overlooked. But try it out and you’ll find that this is one of the best cheap places to eat in Leeds. Grab yourself a bowl of stew, be it beer & ale, vegetable gnocchi or seafood ragout, without parting with more than £6.50. If you’re feeling frivolous, you can even add an oyster for £2.40.

Calls Landing, 36-38 The Calls, Leeds, LS2 7EW.

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Line Thai

Noodle soup at Line Thai Oriental, Leeds

Right now, Line Thai is one of the most underrated (and underpriced) restaurants in Leeds. The menu is packed with Thai favourites, but don’t be surprised if they’re a little to different to the dishes you’ve had before – when they say authentic, they don’t mean with a British twist. Head down for their lunch or early bird menu to get two courses for £9.95 – and if you fancy squeezing a drink into your tenner, get one course for £7.95.

Line Thai Oriental, 39 Great George Street, Leeds, LS1 3BB.

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Hot dogs at Primo's, Leeds Corn Exchange

American hotdogs, made just the way they should be, and available for what can only be described as a budget price. Even the more elaborate options, like The Pittsburgh, which promises a beef sausage piled high with pulled pork, BBQ sauce and jalapeño slaw, will only set you back £5.95. Ravenous? Double your dog for £1.50 or add fries for £1.75. As cheap places to eat in Leeds go, this is one of the best.

Primo’s, Leeds Corn Exchange, 42 Call Lane, Leeds, LS1 7BR.

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Casa Colombiana

Casa Columbiana

If you want to make your money go a long way without sacrificing on taste and atmosphere, Casa Colombiana is an easy choice. They’ve got a menu of South American delights, with everything from Chili con Carne to Pollo al Jugo (chicken stew) and Menestra con Carne (mixed beans with steak) for under a tenner. And eating out at this particular Leeds restaurant promises a friendly welcome and a vibrant feel you won’t find anywhere else.

Casa Colombiana, Grand Arcade, Leeds, LS1 6PG.

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My Thai

Stir fry at My Thai, Leeds

Another Thai restaurant that inevitably deserves a place on this list is My Thai. Opened in late 2014, and the sister of an already successful Bradford restaurant, it offers a small and carefully curated menu that brings a taste of Thailand to Leeds from as little as £6.50. Don’t let the fact that it’s tucked away on the lesser-visited side of the Merrion Centre put you off, this is one of the best cheap places to eat in Leeds.

My Thai, Merrion Centre, 43 Wade Lane, Leeds, LS2 8NJ.

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The Black Swan

The Black Swan Food

If it’s pizza you’re after, The Black Swan will sort you out. Taking up the position that was previously BRB, the one thing they decided to keep was the old pizza oven, which now serves up a new menu of the Italian delicacy. Be it anchovies, olives, capers and mozzarella with oregano or parma ham, buffalo mozzarella and heirloom tomatoes, you won’t dish out more than £10, whichever you choose.

The Black Swan, 37 Call Lane, Leeds, LS1 6DT.

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The Refectory

Grub and Grog

Northern Monk’s tap room, The Refectory, has of course been taken over by The Grub & Grog Shop, who serve up a scrumptious menu from breakfast through to dinner. On a night, you can indulge in innovative dishes like beef heart steak, seasonal greens, cauliflower mash, braised beans, hops and malt, all for less than a tenner. Just avoid the belly pork, it’s the only thing on the menu that will go over budget. Definitely one of the best cheap places to eat in Leeds.

Northern Monk Refectory, The Old Flax Store, Holbeck Urban Village, Leeds, LS11 9YJ.

Black Swan image courtesy of H.Webster.

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