Restaurants in Leeds

Restaurants in Leeds

14 November 2013

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There’s a huge variety of restaurants in Leeds, offering vibrant cuisine and tantalising flavours to food lovers across the city.

Eating out in Leeds can leave diners a little spoilt for choice. There’s a restaurant on every corner of the city centre and the options can become a little overwhelming. If only one had the time (and bank balance) to try each and every restaurant, right?

High-quality restaurants in Leeds are dotted about the place, with a few tucked away, less well known and a little hidden. Fine dining is a big part of Leeds’ food and drink scene and chefs in the city are constantly experimenting with new and inventive cuisines.


Leeds has become a gastronomic destination in recent years as we encourage cuisines from around the world, take up new food trends and try to do something unusual with the eateries across the city. The best restaurants in Leeds, particularly the newer concept restaurants, have revalued the city as one the best for food and drink outside of the capital. We’re creeping up on you, London.

Our encompassing of varied and diverse food from all over the world, and the dining experiences that come with each of them, have had a huge helping hand. Restaurants in Leeds can take you on a journey around the world – but without the expensive flights and ultimately, the sunshine. But the flavours, aromas and piquancy are enough to transport you to faraway lands.

Indian restaurants in Leeds are in sheer abundance and – with the British home of curry, Bradford, as our neighbours – we have some of the best offerings in the country. The spices, rich flavours and tender meats have quickly made Indian cuisine a British favourite and whether it’s from the North or the South, you’ll find the delicious, and sometimes eye watering, food in every part of Leeds.


If Indian food isn’t for you but you still want a taste of Asian cuisine, the sushi restaurants in Leeds could be exactly what you’re looking for. Sushi is a recent food trend that has exploded into Leeds through some amazing little restaurants.

Sushi has a long and rich history in Japan and it’s a true skill to make the beautiful little delicacies. Traditional sushi chefs train for years and years, learning how to perfect the vinegary rice, cut the fish at super speeds and, of course, the process of rolling. Sushi restaurants in Leeds give us a chance to experience the historical food and we’ve got some pretty authentic restaurants giving the city a taste of Japan

Staying on that side of the world, Thai restaurants in Leeds are ever popular with fragrant curries, beautifully spiced fish and sticky rice. The flavours are different to Indian or Japanese cuisine and the difference is even noticeable with Chinese food in Leeds.

For more European flavours, there are an unexpected amount of great tapas restaurants in Leeds. The Spanish fare brings small dishes in their numbers, so everyone gets a little taste of everything. The great thing about tapas is the social angle that it brings. The Spanish see meal times as a time to catch up with friends and family, the sharing aspect of tapas brings people together. So after a lunch eaten at your desk, head to a tapas restaurant in Leeds with friends, tuck in and chat away.

Sushi Leeds

If your preference is food with a little ‘je ne sais quoi’, rich flavours and oh-so-many calories, then head to one of the great French restaurants in Leeds. From romantic fine dining establishments to authentic bistros, there are plenty of places to grab some French food across the city centre.

The most recent food trend to make its way over to Leeds is the American BBQ restaurant.  With a helping shove to our shores from popular television show Man V. Food, the pulled pork sandwich, BBQ ribs and mac and cheese have mouths watering all across Leeds.

It’s not the healthiest of cuisines (as you can tell by the growing size of our trans-Atlantic brothers) but a moment on the lips is totally worth the lifetime on the hips. We’re predicting that the naughty BBQ restaurants in Leeds will continue to grow in numbers and in popularity. They’re a carnivore’s dream and you should head to one now, if you haven’t already.

Leeds has some wonderful steak restaurants for the carnivores too. There’s nothing better than a slab of tender meat, juices flowing through it as it melts in the mouth. Steak is easy to get wrong, and even harder to get right. The meat needs to be top quality and cooked to preference.

The steak restaurants Leeds has on offer are some of the best, with quality cuts, cooked well and served with the perfect accompaniments.

So next time you’re looking for somewhere to eat out in Leeds, keep in mind some of these wonderful cuisines and our picks of the best restaurants in Leeds for a full belly.


Listed in...Food and Drink | Restaurants

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