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How We Use Your Data

Here we cover the information we collect, what we do with it and what you can expect from our handling of your data. It is our ethos to provide a great user experience across our channels and platforms, which includes best practice with the collection, processing and sharing of data. If you have concerns, you can contact us and we’ll be pleased to discuss them.

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Legal Information

Legal information, conditions and terms of use that apply to Leeds-List.com, any of our services or publications and content that you submit to us. Where we refer to 'the company' we refer to Leeds Digital Magazines Limited and it's trading styles, including Leeds-List.

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The 21 Best Films on UK Netflix Right Now

Lockdown movie marathon anyone?

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We’re Hiring in Client Services

Leeds-List is a new generation of agency and media outlet that focuses on generating positive outcomes from everything we produce.

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We’re Hiring New Business Managers in Leeds

We’re looking for a New Business Manager to help us drive revenue. We produce single-minded, reader-focused content that gets industry-leading results – and you’ll be the one selling it. You’ll build and manage your own pipeline, bringing in clients and pushing deals across the line. It’s not easy, it takes confidence, charm and wicked negotiation skills, but you can make real strides here.

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