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Legal information, conditions and terms of use that apply to Leeds-List.com, any of our services or publications and content that you submit to us. Where we refer to ‘the company’ we refer to Leeds Digital Magazines Limited and it’s trading styles, including Leeds-List.

Last Updated
These terms were last updated, 18th August 2016.

Please take the time to read through our terms and conditions regarding the use of Leeds-List and any of our services. This may affect your legal rights and obligations. The terms discussed below cover any features, applications, widgets or online services that post links to the terms. This is regardless of how you are logged on, whether it be via a computer or any other mobile device. These terms are agreed upon visiting or using any of our sites. Please do not continue using this site if you do not agree with them.

Although every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of the information contained on this website, the company can not accept responsibility for any errors made. The company can not be held responsible for the loss or damage of any material, solicited or unsolicited.

No reproduction of any part of this publication is permitted, in any form or by any means, without prior written consent from the company. The views expressed on this website do not necessarily reflect those of the advertisers or publishers.

We invite the users of Leeds-List.com to comment and post feedback to us on the material we publish. By submitting feedback or a comment (through any medium) which may include pictures, text or other digital information, you agree that the company, its parters or subsidiaries can re-publish, feature, modify or create derivative works of any material submitted as is seen fit.

Our Site

Everything that is included on the site, including photos, graphics, logo, editorial, content and designs are all copyrighted material and may not be used unless permission is granted in writing. Any material on the site may not be copied or reproduced in any capacity. By using the site you are agreeing that you will not challenge the validity of the ownership of any article within the site.


Leeds-List works hard to ensure that there is no copyright infringement. If you feel that you have a claim regarding a copyright infringement, please contact us immediately on info@leeds-list.co.uk and we will investigate the matter.

Although we may allow you to post content to third party websites, the content still remains property of the company and we may revoke at any time, the right for these to be posted through the use of widgets on any third party site.

We may through written permission allow you to use written materials from us on a third party site although all material still remains the intellectual property of the company.

Leeds-List Community and Comments

Be original – All content must be your own and not copied from anyone else, unless you have written permission. We will not accept third party content that uses anyone else’s work, such as trademarks.
Be polite – Get your point of view across and disagree with people, without being rude. Negative comments regarding race, sexual preference, national origin or a physical handicap will be removed. We do not accept slanderous or pornographic material on this site and this will also be removed immediately.
Photos – Images must be of friends or family and only with their permission.
Commercial uses – This site is not to be used by a third party, unless they have agreed to use the advertising services already available on the site.
Personal information – Please remember that most of our services are publicly accessible, do not share any personal information on here.
The site – Do not upload anything to the site which may damage the site, or other user’s computers.

You must give us your correct information when signing up for the site. Leeds-List.com may contain adult themes, therefore if you are under 18 you will require permission from a parent or guardian to view the site.

Please remember that you, the user, are solely responsible for your interaction with others on the site. While we understand everyone does not share the same views, no harassment of any kind will be accepted on this site and offensive comments will be removed.

Although there is content on the site from third parties if you choose to go onto a link, social networking site or enter any information you are agreeing to their terms and conditions and sharing your information. Any items available for downloading are still copyrighted and subject to terms and conditions.

Accessing the site

The company is not responsible for any charges that may incur from you accessing the site. This includes, but is not limited to a mobile device or computer.

Leeds-List disclaimer

The company does not provide its website, content or any materials in any form whatsoever with any sort of warranty or guarantee, either express or implied to the extent permitted by law.
The company does not warrant that the sites or functions will be uninterrupted, or that our servers are free from harmful components.

The company is not responsible for user content in any capacity, whether this results in any loss or damage.

Leeds-List liability

Leeds-List is, under no circumstances, liable to you for any loss or damages of any kind, including those to all electronic devices which may be connected to the site. In no event will The company be liable to you, without any limitations, for any loss, damages, personal injury or death.

Leeds-List Termination
The company reserves the right to terminate your user account and access to the site at any time and without notice if we believe your conduct fails to conform with these terms. The company reserves the right to investigate any suspected violations of any terms and conditions stated and the violation of said terms may be referred to law enforcement authorities as a precaution.

Location of site
Leeds-List.com is a UK based site and information provided is not intended for distribution in any country where any use of the site or its content would conflict with the law. The company makes no guarantees or representations that the information is appropriate for use or access in other locations.
Recognising the global nature of the Internet, you agree to comply with all rules regarding online conduct and acceptable content.

Governing laws
These terms and the interpretation of these terms will be explained under the laws of England and Wales

Leeds-List right to amendments
The company reserves the right to amend these terms and conditions at any time, and without prior notice. The updated terms and conditions are affected immediately at the time of posting and we suggest that in order to remain familiar with these terms and conditions, you should  regularly check back to see any amendments.

Content that you submit to us

By submitting content to us, you agree that you have the absolute legal right to do so and own the copyright governing it. By submitting content to us, you indemnify the company, in full, from any loss or damages arising from it’s use. The company has absolute discretion over whether we may use or allow the use of any content you submit to us and you agree that the company may delete or reject it without further notice. As a general rule, we do not accept content that is illegal or will cause offence to others.

We may, at our discretion, allow you to submit works, information or other assets (for example, photography) to us for publication for any purpose.

By submitting works to us, in any form whatsoever, you agree that you hold Copyright or own the intellectual property of the works that you submit. You also agree that you are legally entitled to assign The company (including it’s publications, websites and associated companies) a nonexclusive, perpetual license to use these works for any purpose whatsoever. You also agree to indemnify The company from any loss arising from the use of works that you submit to us.



Our giveaways, competitions, promotions and contests are subject to additional terms and conditions. By taking part in any of these activities, you also agree to these additional terms in full: Leeds-List Competition Terms and Conditions.