Advertising with Leeds-List means you can reach a sociable, local audience looking for things to do around Leeds and Yorkshire

Leeds-List's Audience Eating Burgers

Leeds-List is a new kind of media company. A place where quality is more important than quantity and ads don’t get in the way of the user experience. And that’s why, when you advertise with us, we exceed expectations.

  • We don’t cram our pages full of ads, so our readers have a better user experience and view our advertisers in a more positive light
  • Campaigns are so tailored to our readers that it captures more attention, drives more engagement and converts more customers
  • We’ve partnered with local and national brands to rethink what they expect from advertising and get them better results
  • Our readers are actively looking for things to do in the region, so you can reach an audience that genuinely wants what you’re selling
  • And we offer much more than just ads — you can get campaigns, banner ads and SEO sponsored pieces

Leeds-List is a guide of everything there is to know about living in and around Leeds

Our content is incredibly diverse. You can find your next night out, plan a day in the countryside or get a hefty dose of culture. You can uncover the best apartments in the city and hunt out the most exciting businesses, you can even get the lowdown on the latest developments. Because we write content people want to read.

Day in, day out we produce a curated guide of the city region that’s authentic, useful and credible – not clickbait-y, not overloaded with ads and not the same old press release you’ve seen elsewhere.

We’ve learnt everything there is to know about our readers, and we know our market inside-out, so we have a unique set of data to draw on. Therefore your business can get opportunities that are bespoke, unique and engaging, with results that you can measure.

Audience overview – the Leeds-List reader

Our audience use Leeds-List to plan their next adventure and discover what the city has to offer them.

This means our readers aren’t just Leeds locals, they’re from around Yorkshire, including North Leeds, the ‘Golden Triangle’ and the Yorkshire towns of Ilkley and Harrogate as well as the whole North. They’re foodies, professional workers in the city, suburban explorers, adventurous families and experience seekers.

Most (95.8%) of our readers are ABC1s who are actively seeking paid activities to do on Leeds-List and have a high level of disposable income and a strong purchase intent.

Custom Content

We’ve reinvented advertorial. First, we test to see if a product is relevant to our audience and then write it for the reader, not the advertiser. So you get people that actually engage with your product, who then sign-up, purchase and convert because we inspire them to action.

We start by learning about your product and write unique content that delivers your messages in a way that’s original and authentic. Our writers are local experts, it’s their job to keep readers on the page and pique their interest in what you have to say.

And once we’ve created the buying intent, we make it easy for them to convert. And they do, in droves (we measure every part of the funnel).

Whilst campaigns are tailored to your business and objectives, here are some popular examples:

  • Data capture/Competitions. Perfect if you want to bring products to market. They make the benefits of your business easy to consume, then we capture the details of customers who are interested. Everyone gets a direct link to buy and a secondary incentive to try after the winner is drawn.
  • Offers. This is a great way to tell a compelling story about your product and draw attention to the aspects that our audience will love. We drive sales by making it possible for the reader to book or purchase with as few clicks as possible.
  • Brand stories. Customers hate advertorial, we hate it too. Instead, we tell a story about interesting brands and encourage our readers to think about their product differently. The aim is to get really high engagement and create brand advocates who simply have to tell their friends about their discovery.
  • Activations and events. We create a complete conversion experience that starts digital and brings paying customers to your venue. We curate the event to maximise audience relevance, then we take care of populating the event through gorgeous content and a slick purchase and arrival experience, coupled with a post-event survey or up-sell incentive.

Banner Ads

Banner ads are only available directly from Leeds-List. We have a select number of ad spots, so we don’t harm the brands we work with and make customers more likely to react positively and click.

Digital web banner ads are a quick and easy way to get your business seen by hundreds of thousands of potential customers when they’re looking for things to do (and not just mindlessly scrolling social media or news sites).

  • Choose how many times you want your ad to be seen (impressions) or go for a site takeover that blocks out every other ad for a day or a weekend
  • Banners are visually disruptive and will get your brand and product seen by lots of customers
  • We accept all industry standard sized ads
  • Your ad can be a static message, a series of animated messages and even include video
  • Your ads are intelligently targeted to customers that are likely to click and we only count an impression when a customer actually sees your advert
  • Because there are only a few ad spots on Leeds-List, users don’t get annoyed or get banner blindness, so they perceive your product in a more positive light
  • Your campaign includes multiple ad sizes at no extra cost, so they’ll be seen on computers, tablets and smartphones

Sponsored content

All our content is high quality and written for readers, so we get top spots on search engines. This attracts inquisitive Leeds and Yorkshire folk who are looking for their next adventure and gives us a strong indicator of what they’re looking to buy.

You can get prominent, exclusive sponsorship of this content on a monthly basis, which includes:

  • Solus banner ad slots around the content
  • ‘Sponsored by’ masthead including logo, copy and call to action