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With digital, the possibilities are endless…

There’s more to digital than just banners – and we don’t just sell ad space. When you advertise with Leeds-List, you gain an expert partner that will use its entire arsenal on digital products to help you get the results you want.

Brand sponsorship

With years of experience (and no small amount of data) behind us, we know what’s going to drive traffic – and you can leverage that power with brand sponsorship. It gives you great visibility with loads of people and has more than doubled click-through rate for our clients.

By matching your brand with our most relevant and popular features, you can get in front of the people you’re targeting, at a time when they’re actively looking for what you’re selling – and you’ll have absolute prominence on the page.

Custom content

Content is what we do best – and you can take full advantage of that with a feature that’s all about you. Just like our content, it’ll be worth sharing, great to engage with and interesting enough to make people stick around to read the whole thing.

You’ll be centre of attention, with a clear call to action and solus ad space – it’s a tried and tested approach, so we know it gets results. And there’s more. As well as creating interest and demand, you can build up your email database, drive social engagement or even convert sales on-page.

Social & email

Our social following is growing day by day. You can get in front of our 35,000 Twitter and Facebook followers, spreading your reach even further as we drive them to engage with our posts.

Then there’s our email newsletter. It goes out to 14,000 people, with a click-through rate of over 40% – that’s twice the industry average. You can buy placement in it, raising awareness from the inbox and driving more people to your content.


This is your chance to put your brand in front of hundreds of thousands of users in a visible way they simply can’t miss. You can drive direct response, with a click through to your site, but these ads also put your brand front of mind, so when our readers leave the site, you go with them.

Knowing our audience as well as we do, we can target the people you want to talk to and create ads that they’ll respond to. It gets better, we’ll then show them to our readers when and where they want them – even on mobile.