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Since launching in August 2012, Leeds-List has built up a loyal base of half a million readers who don’t want to miss a thing – and with Leeds-List, they’ll never have to.

Our readers are doers. They want to be posting about the secret bar they’ve just discovered or the independent store they’ve just visited, not seeing it on someone else’s feed. They’ve got ‘the fear of missing out’ – which is why they love Leeds-List, because we tell them about the newest, coolest and most secret stuff in the city, so they’ll never miss a thing.


41% Work hard, play hards and Cool, young families (25-34, earning £25k+)
28% Suburban socialisers and Adventurous families (35-54, earning £45k+)
22% Graduates and Student revellers (18-25, earning up to £20k)

41% of our readers

Work hard, play hards

Leeds-List Audience

Young, sociable and with more than a little cash in their pockets, our ‘work hard, play hards’ have all the latest tech, browsing on phones, tablets and laptops. Social media’s the first thing they look at in the morning and they check it throughout the day.


• Aged 25-34, earning £25k+
• They’re big players in the city’s creative, digital or financial industries
• They’d rather drink at North Bar than All Bar One
• No kids, giving them more free time and more disposable income
• They go out 3 times a week, mixing nights out with trips to indie cinemas, theatres and gigs
• They choose the brands they like, even if it means putting their hands in their pocket
• They love their independents as much as their high street fallbacks
• The kind of people who don’t ask how much their beer is before they order.

Cool, young families

Young families Leeds-List

Young parents with active social lives, our ‘cool young families’ use a laptop by day and tablet by night, reclaiming it once the kids go to bed. They’re lively on social media, picking up and acting on recommendations from friends and Leeds-List.


• Aged 25-34, household earning 45k+
• Nowadays, they drink at The Tetley where the kids are entertained
• They go out 2 times a week, sometimes with the kids, sometimes without
• They don’t have as much time to themselves as they used to, but when they do they make the most of it
• Their lifestyle has changed since they had kids, but they can still afford to shop in MKI and Each to Their Own
• They choose the brands they like, and they’re prepared to put their hand in their pocket, but will be swayed by offers
• They’re just as at home in M&S as they are in Kirkgate Market

28% of our readers

Suburban socialisers

Suburban Socialisers

Tech savvy, with enough disposable income to buy the latest device, our ‘suburban socialisers’ lean towards tablets, but have mobiles and laptops too. They’re using social more and more, for keeping up with friends and brands they love like Leeds-List.


• Aged 35-54, earning £45k+
• They’re on the top rung of the career ladder in financial, legal or creative industries
• No kids (or grown up kids), giving them more free time and more disposable income
• Live in suburbs like Chapel Allerton, Roundhay and Oakwood
• They go out at least once a week, mixing eating out with trips to the cinema, theatre and gigs
• More likely to go out in the suburbs than the city centre, so when they go into town they really want to make the most of it
• Shop at Crust & Crumb and George & Joseph, but also head into town to browse high street, designer and indie stores.

Adventurous families

Leeds-List Audience

Our ‘adventurous families’ don’t share devices, everyone has their own – and they consume online media though phones, tablets and laptops. They’re on social media all the time, trying to keep up with things they might be missing, so they love Leeds-List.


• Aged 35-54, household earning £75k+
• They’ve both got good jobs, with money to spend and a car each, so going out in Leeds and Yorkshire is easy
• They’ve got kids, but they still enjoy going out with their friends or partner when they can
• Live in suburbs like Chapel Allerton, Roundhay and Oakwood
• They’re time poor and want to make the most of their free time
• More likely to go out with the kids than on their own, so family-friendly restaurants and activities are a priority
• They don’t get into the city centre as much as they’d like, but they’re always looking for reasons to go in, like the latest art exhibitions, shows, and openings.

22% of our readers


Leeds-List readers

Young and just getting used to their new-found disposable income, graduates were brought up on tech. They lean towards tablets, using their phone during the day. Social media is almost an addiction and they use it for everything.


• Aged 21-25, earning £16k+
• Their newly found disposable income means they have money to spend – and they spend a lot of it on socialising
• They’d rather nip out for dinner at Red’s than stop at the Sainsbury’s on the way home
• They go out at 3-4 times a week, and they’re happy to have a big night on a week night
• They want to try new things, even if it’s an indulgence – picking their favourites and developing brand loyalty
• They want their cash to go as far as they can, so they love a bit of a bargain and respond well to offers.

Student revellers

Students Read Leeds-List

Bright young things going it alone for the first time, technology is second nature to our ‘student revellers’. Their mobile is the centre of their world, taking prominence over their laptop. Social is their main contact point, they plan their social life through Facebook.


• Aged 18-21
• They may not be Leeds natives, but even if they are, research shows that they’ve only scratched the surface of what the city has to offer
• They go out as often as they can and dedicaten a big chunk of their money to it
• Inexperienced and ready to be shaped and socially educated
• They’re loving the freedom to do what they want, when they want
• They go out as often as they can afford, with a major push when the student loans come in.

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