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What is Sponsored Content?

When you browse around Leeds-List you might see messages telling you that a brand or partner has ‘sponsored’ that content or has ‘sponsored placement’ within that feature.

All of our content is produced by our in-house editorial team – they’re local experts who want to share their love of the city with you. For the most part, the content they produce is completely independent of the commercial side of the business.

However, we also offer a sponsored content service, giving brands an opportunity to tell you about the amazing things they’re doing in Leeds. This content is always clearly marked as “sponsored” or “presented by” so you’ll know when this is the case, so if you don’t see those words, it’s not paid for, we just really wanted to tell you about it.

For readers…

Don’t worry, most of our content isn’t “sponsored” and when it is, it’s still produced to our house standards for quality and credibility. That means you won’t read things that aren’t true or that can’t be trusted.

Additionally, sponsored content is controlled by advertising codes of practice.

For advertisers…

We offer several options to be included as “sponsor” of our content:

Sponsored Placement — Allows brands to be included within a planned editorial feature. The theme or topic is already set and the content is written by our team to make sure it fits our house guidelines as well as ensuring it works for the brand we’re talking about. A feature may have multiple “sponsored placement” opportunities within it. Placement is entirely at the discretion of the editor.

Placement is charged per planned feature from £300. Enquire now: advertising@leeds-list.com / 0113 3200710

Sponsored Content / Presented By — Brands can work with us on a planned feature as the exclusive sponsor of that feature. The theme will already be set, and as well as being presented within the content, there are calls to action to follow you on social media within the piece. Some features will also include the opportunity for original quotes or insight to placed within the content.

Exclusive feature sponsorship from £750. Enquire now: advertising@leeds-list.com / 0113 3200710