17 Leeds Companies Make it into GP Bullhound’s List of the Fastest Growing Technology Companies in the North

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These tech companies are growing at a rapid pace.


From multimillion pound digital transformations to AI software preventing the spread of online hate, Leeds is packed with businesses blazing a trail.

Every year, GP Bullhound rolls out the red carpet for the North Tech Awards and announces the 100 fastest growing tech companies in the North. These innovative industry leaders are shaping the way we do business – and 17 of them are based right here in Leeds. It’s a big clap on the back for the city’s tech industry, which has gone from strength to strength, even in the face of a pandemic. Find out who made the list and why…

Hippo Digital

hippo digital

Hippo Digital is a full service digital consultancy. Their teams are multi-disciplinary, ranging from design, content and software development to data analysis and project delivery, so they can help you find the best solution. They embed their experts in your team to really get under the skin of your business, helping to create digital experiences that improve the way you reach customers. And because they share their knowledge, your team will develop with the solution.

They are going from strength to strength. Over the last three years, their revenue has grown by a whopping 86%, bagging them the tenth spot in the top 100 fastest growing technology companies in the North. They’ve also recently secured new investment to help double their workforce and expand out to more areas of the UK.

Radar Healthcare

radar healthcare

Radar Healthcare digitises health & social care processes to improve outcomes. From incident and event management to workforce compliance, they’ll give you complete visibility over what’s happening in your business, all in one system. Their software is flexible, so it will mould to your existing processes. It’s used by a large range of healthcare organisations, including the NHS, private care and even international teams.

At 20th place, their revenue has grown by an incredible 58% over the last three years. But what does the future hold for Radar Healthcare? They’re looking at how they can get more data into the system and start using AI and machine learning to predict what will happen in certain areas of healthcare. Exciting stuff.


BOXT installation

Credit: Lee Brown Photography

BOXT is the first company to offer fitted boilers online. Getting a new boiler is usually a huge expensive faff, but BOXT has made it easy. You can find the best boiler for your home using their award-winning platform, and get it delivered and fitted the next day by one of over 500 Gas Safe engineers. With no pesky salespeople muddying the waters, their prices are fair and competitive, and they offer a guarantee for up to 10 years.

They achieved a turnover of £20 million in their first full year of trading, and it’s only got better from there. BOXT have partnered with Google to offer voice-controlled heating systems, secured investment from Robert Bosch and bagged a top 25 spot in the Northern Tech Awards, with a 55% revenue growth rate.



The first and largest online chemist in the UK, Pharmacy2U offers allows you to order prescriptions online, through the app or over the phone. They’ll be sent straight to your door, all for free, and it’ll even go through your letterbox if you wish, so you don’t have to stay in. They’re cheaper than other pharmacies too, as they have one central location as opposed to several across the country, which means they can save on shipping.

As an online business, Pharmacy2U has seen unprecedented demand for their services. In the year ending March 2021, they despatched almost 12.7 million NHS prescriptions, a massive 71% up on the 2020 total. Their revenue has grown by 52%, making them the 26th fastest growing technology company in the North.


crisp thinking

The online world can be dangerous, but Crisp is leading the fight to make it safer. They use AI software, machine learning and human intelligence to predict and prevent the spread of online hate, abuse and harmful content. Crisp’s innovative approach means they can provide the earliest possible warnings of potential risks, giving you the upper hand. They’ve helped protect children, celebrities and corporate brands.

Not only did Crisp bag 33rd place in the Northern Tech Awards, but because they’re one of the bigger businesses on the shortlist, they also came 6th in the Top 15 with a growth rate of 48%, which is particularly impressive. Over the past three years, Crisp has strengthened its leadership team with new hires, as well as expanded into the US.

The Data Shed

Data Shed Anna Sutton

The Data Shed’s main mission is demystifying data. With a team full of self-confessed data nerds, they help businesses to uncover actionable insights that will improve their bottom line. Whether you want understand your customers, avoid critical issues or automate processes, The Data Shed will take on the challenge with aplomb, using the latest technology and building best of breed solutions to eke every bit of value out of your data.

They have become a household name of the Leeds tech scene, so it’s no surprise that The Data Shed ranked in the top half of the North’s fastest growing tech businesses (47th) with a growth rate of 39%. Over the past couple of years, they’ve launched a self-service product, expanded their offices to accommodate their growing team and landed some awesome new clients.


Razorblue office candid

razorblue provides IT solutions for businesses that are serious about success. From building infrastructure to cyber security, they offer a wide range of services and none of them are outsourced, resold or rebadged. They have all the technical knowledge in-house to support your business, with expert staff on hand 24/7, and because they work in a huge range of industries, they bring a wealth of experience to the table.

The last four years has seen razorblue’s turnover increase by 128%, making them 51st in the Top 100 Fastest Growing Technology Companies in the North. With two acquisitions in two years, plans to expand its nationwide coverage and a host of new services in the works, it’s certainly an exciting time to work at razorblue.

The Technology Group

the technology group

Credit: The Technology Group

Effective communication is at the heart of every good business. Without the right tools, like internet connectivity, telephone systems and business mobiles, that communication falls down – which is where The Technology Group comes in. Their bespoke telecommunications services will help you harness the power of technology. From voice over IP to video, chat and collaboration technologies, they’ll build a solution that makes it possible.

The Technology Group bagged 52nd place in the Northern Tech Awards, with a 31% revenue growth rate. It comes as the firm added 4,000 new users in a quarter, taking the total number to over 20,000 globally, and some of the biggest deals in the company’s history including wins in Switzerland and the Philippines.



Force24 is the UK’s fastest-growing marketing automation platform. But what does that mean? In short, they make marketing easy. Their software lets you build complex multi-channel campaigns – not only can you can build emails and personalised landing pages, but you can also automate journeys, capture data and track leads. By bringing all these services into one platform, they can save marketers up to 8 hours a week.

YFM Equity Partners recently invested £4.8million in the business, which will support growth in all areas of operation, including rolling out new features, growing their headcount and building the company’s footprint globally. Over the past three years, their revenue has grown by a colossal 29%, making them the 54th fastest growing technology company in the North.

Lead Tech

Lead Tech

Lead Tech helps financial services companies find and convert potential customers. They use targeted marketing campaigns to attract the right people on the right channels. As a result, every lead is a potential customer actively looking for your service. And because they manage the customer journey from lead to appointment, they can go one step further, by using performance insight to maximise ROI and boost conversion.

This year, Lead Tech became one of the first companies to receive Financial Conduct Authority approval ahead of the crackdown on advertising. Off the back of this, they’ve expanded their team by a third, hiring 15 new roles. They landed 58th place in the Northern Tech Awards with a revenue growth rate of 24% for the past three years.



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BigChange is a mobile workforce management platform. Instead of relying on paper or unwieldy spreadsheets, it digitises the whole process. Their five-in-one software has a CRM, job scheduler, tracking system and customer booking portal. It even has a mobile app for employees to use out in the field, so they can log expenses, provide proof of work and view job information. The platform makes providing a five star service a breeze.

Fresh from securing a huge £75million investment from Great Hill Partners, BigChange ranked 60th in the top 100 fastest growing technology companies in the North thanks to their 24% revenue growth rate. They recently partnered with Zen Internet to support BigChange in their ambition to become a unicorn business (a privately held £1billion start-up company).



Credit: InVentry

Designed for education, InVentry‘s market-leading software allows you to monitor who’s on site at any one time. It has a simple but engaging interface, so staff and visitors can sign in and out with ease. The system lets you control capacity, check DBS statuses and streamline evacuation processes, all in a GDPR-compliant way. InVentry’s software can even be used for hybrid working because it allows staff to book office days.

InVentry has seen exponential growth since it was founded in 2010. Not only have they grown their client base from 100 organisations to 8,000, but they now handle 5.7 million sign in events every week! With a 23% revenue growth rate over the last three years, they’ve oame in at number 63 in the Northern Tech Awards 2021.



Glean improves the way that students learn. It’s hard to take notes, retain fast-moving information and be present in class, all at the same time, so Glean records audio and allows you to organise it later. Their technology helps students to identify and remember key details, so they can get the most from their education, which is why it’s currently being used by 450 educational institutions and thousands of students worldwide.

They are having a great year. Glean moved from dyslexia and disability-focused Sonocent to improving learning for all students, then they made it onto Tech Nation’s Upscale programme. And to top it all off, they’ve now been named as the 68th fastest growing technology company in the North with a fantastic revenue growth rate of 22%.


Smart Search

SmartSearch is an award-winning anti-money laundering solution. It helps businesses keep up with ever-changing AML regulations – you can fulfil KYC requirements, sanctions checks and adverse media screenings, as well as checking for PEPs, SIPs and PSCs, all on one platform. Unlike manual processes, which depend on physical documentation, SmartSearch taps into a host of online data sources to verify identity, making it extremely reliable.

They had their most successful year yet in 2020. SmartSearch passed the 5,000 client mark, opened a new US office and grew their headcount by just over 50%. The pandemic saw a huge surge in demand for their services and they grew to meet it. Their revenue has grown by 20% over the last three years, bagging them 70th place in the Northern Tech Awards.



rradar fuse legal expertise with the latest technology to empower businesses through smarter services. They’re not your typical law firm, they use digital tools to proactively manage, advise and deliver solutions that reduce legal risk. Instead of impenetrable legal jargon, they focus on conveying information quickly and easily, so businesses can tackle regulation, compliance and litigation risks before they become a problem.

They are the shining light of the LawTech industry in the North. rradar are AXA’s exclusive legal services partner and they support over 60,000 policyholder organisations. They’re also the only law firm to have made it into the Northern Tech Awards for five years running. Coming in at number 72, rradar’s revenue grew a huge 20% over the last three years.

Answer Digital

Answer Digital

Answer Digital deliver customer-centric digital experiences that drive growth. Their teams are assembled on a job-by-job basis to meet the challenge at hand, whether that calls for a user experience expert, a full stack developer or AI ninja. They take a collaborative, incremental approach to every task and their employees own 75% of the business, so they have a vested interest in the company’s success, making them more productive and more resilient.

It’s a great time to be working at Answer Digital. The pandemic accelerated their growth plans due to a rapid increase in demand and that swift growth has made them the 82nd fastest growing tech company in the North. They’re currently planning to bring 100 new people into the business, as well as expanding their skills academy.

Nexus Vehicle Rental

Nexus vehicle rental

Nexus Vehicle Rental‘s market-leading platform IRIS brings together 550,000 vehicles from 230+ UK suppliers in 2,000 locations. It allows fleet managers to find and add vehicles quickly and easily. It takes less than 30 seconds to book your vehicle – and it’s not just company cars, you can get vans, HGVs and tippers too. IRIS also gives you insight into the supplier’s performance, making it easy to spot trends and save on your bottom line.

They came in at 83rd in the Northern Tech Awards with a revenue growth rate of 15% over three years. Nexus Vehicle Rental have continually kept up with demand, and have even added a new arm to their supply portfolio. Their plant hire capability now includes plant vehicles, welfare and accommodation, further cementing their place in the construction industry.