Find Out Why Creatives Make Fantastic Employees at this Free Event

· Kirsty Allen · Business

Adaptable, self-disciplined, tenacious – musicians make wonderfully well-rounded employees.

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Are you seeing skills gaps in your business? Hiring a creative could be a great fit…

If you’ve faced struggles when hiring, you’re not alone. Identifying and landing new talent takes time, money and resource – with the problem amplified if that candidate turns out not to be the right fit. Leeds Conservatoire want to help. Sign up for their roundtable on talent retention and skills gaps to share your experiences and discover the potential benefits of hiring a musician.

Unlock new perspectives with creative thinking

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It’s scientifically proven that creative-minded people think differently, coming at problems from an alternate angle to their counterpart left-brained thinkers. Right brain thinkers tend to be more visual and more adept at abstract thinking. You could have a room full of analytical minds struggling to find a solution, only to have a creative come and solve it in a completely different way.

What’s more, musicians and creatives are likely to be incredible self-disciplined and tenacious – you don’t master an instrument without putting in the hours and pushing through in the face of adversity. Add to this an adaptable nature along with the ability to learn from constructive criticism, and you’ve got yourself a fantastically well-rounded employee with a whole host of transferable skills.

Explore the potential of hiring musicians to close the skills gap


Business leaders will meet on Tuesday 21st and Thursday 23rd February 2023, while students are encouraged to join on Wednesday 22nd to explore their own transferable skills. Led by James Warrender and Jez Willis, these open discussions will uncover the issues facing hiring managers, as well as the outlining the benefits of opening your recruitment process up to more non-typical candidates.

The free workshops will help businesses think differently about recruitment, while uncovering the trends affecting different industries since the pandemic. Running from 11:30am to 2pm at LeedsBID’s Engine Room, there’s also lunch and refreshments included. If you’re looking to solve your hiring issues and improve staff retention, these thought-provoking sessions are a no-brainer.