How a Tech Company Made it Big in the US Without Leaving Leeds & Other Inspiring Stories at This Essential Leeds Digital Festival Event

· Andrew Porter-Emery · Business

Find out how Glean are scaling up in the exciting world of EdTech.

Glean Leeds

Glean is a next-level note-taking platform that is helping students around the world realise their learning potential. They're on a mission to make learning more accessible and intuitive. Find out more at these fascinating talks.

Glean are a Leeds-based tech brand with a global reach, a fun, collaborative culture and an amazing story to tell. Their events at Leeds Digital Festival will be must-sees.

Glean is a real Leeds tech success story. The company has developed a note-taking platform that can transform how people learn and experience education. It’s an approach that has seen them partner with over 650 higher education institutions globally – all from their office at Leeds Dock. Glean isn’t just the company, it’s the flagship product too, one that helps students to capture their classes, take notes, annotate, add multimedia and much more. It’s been particularly helpful for those with learning difficulties, but that’s just the tip of the iceberg. You’ll be able to glean (sorry!) an insight into the company and what it’s like to work for them at Leeds Digital Festival.

Why brand is so important to Glean’s education mission

Dave Tucker of Glean

Dave Tucker, Glean CEO and founder, and Katherine Hamilton, Head of Brand, will be leading this event that will reveal the links between tech company growth and the strength of branding. With lessons drawn from their own rebrand, a reset that helped them to become a real disrupter in the EdTech – Education Technology – sector, they’ll talk about storytelling, brand strategy and how companies can improve results by employing a tone of voice that talks to a wider, more inclusive audience and resonates with both customers and employees.

It’s an approach that has seen Glean scale up to an 80-strong Leeds-based team, while creating a product that firmly falls under the umbrella of ‘tech for good’ – and you’ll be able to tap into their passion and sense of mission at Leeds Digital Festival. It’s part of what makes them such an attractive employer, with hybrid teams working in a collaborative way on a product that can change the lives of their end users. And as compelling as the company story is to date, it’s also just the start of the journey.

The power of Brand to unlock growth in Tech takes place at Glean, Department, 4 The Boulevard, Leeds, West Yorkshire, LS10 1PZ from 12.30 to 2pm on Friday 23rd September 2022.

How a Leeds startup conquered America

Glean Leeds

How exactly did Glean’s technology come to be in over 500 North American universities and colleges since their product launch in 2021, improving learning outcomes for thousands? It wasn’t through an advertising blitz and scores of Glean employees roaming the 50 states, that’s for sure. No, not a single Glean employee was based in the US during this period of extraordinary growth, and you can find out exactly how the Glean team achieved this feat at this essential Leeds Digital Festival talk.

It’s a case study on how to build a client base by building trust and communities, talking to educators and students and taking an approach to marketing and branding that focusses on word-of-mouth and celebrating the success of their first customers. Cora McIlwain, Customer Success Manager, and Charles Hague, Head of Marketing, will share what they’ve learned, a key talk for marketers, customer-focussed teams and companies looking at international markets, as well as great insights for those looking for a tech role with a proud purpose.

How to build a customer base from 4,000 miles away takes place at Glean, Department, 4 The Boulevard, Leeds, West Yorkshire, LS10 1PZ from 6 to 7.30pm on Wednesday 28th September 2022.