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Think You’ve Got Full Fibre? Find Out Why You Probably Haven’t, and How to Get This Ridiculously Fast Broadband at Home

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Game-changing broadband has come to Leeds. Can you get it?

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TalkTalk’s Future Fibre delivers the 100% full fibre experience direct to your home, with speeds up to 900mbps, ideal for lag-free streaming, working and gaming. Find out if it’s available in your area.

Fed up of lag and buffering when you’re streaming telly, on a Zoom meeting or gaming? Full fibre is the solution.

Everyone thinks they’ve got either high-speed broadband or full fibre, but usually what people have coming in to their homes isn’t really all that. Which is why, despite that box blinking away in the corner and cables galore, you might still find your latest streaming box-set buffering, your Zoom meetings jumpy and your gaming laggy. Happily, TalkTalk are bringing full fibre to the people of Leeds, and it’s set to be a game changer.

Get set for full-fibre broadband that delivers the speed you need

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No-one wants to be drowned in jargon or acronyms, so all you need to know is that there’s a big difference between old fibre and new and that TalkTalk are giving you the chance to have the latter. If you’ve got standard fibre, then there’s a fibre connection running from your local exchange to the nearest box in your street. But then plain old copper cables run from that box to your house. With TalkTalk, it’s fibre all the way, connecting you right to the exchange. You no longer fall behind other houses that are nearer to the cabinet than you.

That’s the science-y bit, but what does it mean in the real world? Well, it means ultrafast broadband – TalkTalk are offering speeds up to 900mbps. With pure fibre optic cables all the way, you’re getting guaranteed speeds that allows all your family to be online at once, with no delays. It’s perfect for modern life, where you might be in an online meeting while one child is gaming on their Switch and the other watching a film on a smart TV. Going full means no more fibre frustrations – you can do more things at once.

Future and family-proof your fibre

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At the moment, most internet users are connecting via ADSL, which is basic broadband, or standard fibre, which is fine and dandy, but is most definitely not the future. As console games become bigger, as films are shown in ever-higher resolutions on ever-growing screens, and as families embrace the digital world – not to mention the growth in home-working – Talk Talk’s full fibre package can future-proof your connectivity and give you the internet reliability you’ve come to expect but rarely get.

The speeds are pretty bonkers. While standard broadband can take over 4 hours, 49 minutes to download a 20GB game, TalkTalk’s 900mbps fibre broadband does the same job in 3 minutes, 32 seconds. If you’re a hardcore online gamer, you’ll see a real change in ping rate, essential when every millisecond matters. A family of film fans? A 4GB HD movie for the family to watch? 42 seconds to download rather than nearly an hour. It makes ‘on demand’ a reality.

They’ve got the tech to back it up

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Blindingly fast full fibre is all well and good, but it needs a great router to ensure that it then gets spread efficiently to all corners of your house. TalkTalk haven’t cut any corners here – their packages come complete with award-winning Amazon eero 6 series mesh routers, which use Wi-Fi 6 for amazing coverage. At the highest speed, Total Home Wi-Fi is standard, covering up to 4,000 square feet, but even the entry level packages cover up to 1,500 square feet, perfect for most homes.

In fact, you’ll find full fibre so fast that you might not even need to go for the 900mbps package. With many of us watching our finances, TalkTalk have provided different levels of full fibre, so you can opt for their more affordable Fibre 150 or Fibre 500 options. If you haven’t had full fibre before, you’ll get expert installation to ensure the best connections – and unlike many other packages, you don’t need a landline to get this.

How do you find out if you can get it?

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The full fibre network is rolling out across the UK now, and the good news is that Leeds is one of the areas with the best coverage. It’s already in many of the suburbs and is available in over 100,000 homes and counting – it’s being expanded to cover the entire city. To see if you can get full fibre from TalkTalk now, use this simple postcode checker.