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Swurf is a free platform that helps you find cafes, bars, restaurants and coworking spots in and around Leeds, alongside exclusive offers and deals. Download the app & find your new favourite hangout.

A free app that helps you find cool spaces for remote working has just landed in Leeds.

Sick of taking Zoom calls in your PJs? Need of a change of scenery, people to talk to and a decent brew? Meet Swurf. This handy little app is the key to hunting down all the best places for remote working in and around Leeds. Expect super-fast wifi and chilled vibes, with oh-so-exclusive offers thrown in to boot. The best part? Joining the Swurf community is absolutely free.

A free platform born to connect remote workers


Swurf was launched back in 2021, after Covid took the working norm and tore it into pieces. Overnight, many people found themselves working from home, turning their kitchens into makeshift offices. People had to adapt, fast. Spotting a gap in the market, Swurf’s founders built a free platform, helping remote workers to discover a community of work-friendly venues near them.

Fast forward to today, and Swurf has landed in Leeds. This gem of an app is here to revitalise your flexi working, matching you with hip spaces and peaceful spots where you can plug in your laptop and get down to business. Whether you’re after somewhere for solo working or need a place to liaise with clients, Swurf’s got your back. After all, remote working doesn’t have to be at home.

Join Swurf and receive rewards


Becoming a Swurfer also opens you up to a world of exclusive offers and deals, available exclusively through the app. It’s dead simple. Create a Swurf account, enter your location and choose your destination. From chilled coffee bars to cool coworking spaces, there’s plenty to go at. Head to any of these places and check in via the app to reveal the wifi code and the offers available.

There’s no booking required either – Swurf is as flexible as you are. Simply show up, hit that all-important check-in button and get connected. You’ll be working up a storm with a coffee in your hand in no time. Need somewhere with a meeting room or studio space? Use the filter option on the app to fine-tune exactly what you’re after, it couldn’t be easier.

Explore coworking spots in and around Leeds

34 Boar Lane

Now that Swurf’s in Leeds, you can take your pick from 17 different venues in and around the city centre, each perfectly primed with all the things you need to set up shop. There are already some great places and offers to browse through, but this is just the beginning – new spaces and deals will pop up regularly, so keep checking back to find your new favourite hangout. But where to go now?

Whip out your laptop and Swurf ’til your heart’s content at Banyan City Square with 20% off food and 10% off drinks. Head on over to 34 Boar Lane and work alongside likeminded remote workers and freelancers, with 10% off your visit. You can even check-in at the Village Hotel’s coworking space with a discounted day pass, before enjoying a free gym, swim and sauna. Bliss.