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3 Art Exhibitions in Leeds You Mustn’t Miss

· Joseph Sheerin · Culture

3 Art Exhibitions in Leeds You Mustn’t Miss

Take in a bit of art in Leeds this month, with these three must-see exhibitions.

The ever-evolving array of art being shown off in Leeds is truly staggering, and the next few weeks will be no different. Whether you want to get hands on with exploratory paintings, discover the decaying world of art or see the best of nature transferred onto paper and canvas, you won’t have any trouble getting your hit of culture.

Roadside Museum

Roadside Museum, 3 Art Exhibitions in Leeds You Mustn’t Miss

The Roadside Museum goes further than your usual exhibition. In an attempt to study the effect of time and decay on artwork, curators John O’Hare and Gordon Culshaw buried the work of 12 artists six feet beneath a Lancashire farm for a year. The pieces were then exhumed allowing each artist to complete their work before they go on display at Basement Arts Project in Beeston, for a truly unique show of contemporary art.

Roadside Museum is at Basement Arts Project from Friday 8th May 2015 until Sunday 17th May 2015. Free entry.

Keeble and Mayes

Keeble and Mayes, 3 Art Exhibitions in Leeds You Mustn’t Miss

Get hooked on nature as the work of Victoria Keeble and Emerson Mayes goes on show at The Craft Centre and Design Gallery. The pair take a similar source of inspiration to create pieces that are completely unique but blend together to make a fine exhibition. Featuring everything from etchings to drypoint prints and paintings, the exhibition of Keeble and Mayes’ work is a vivid and picturesque display of great art.

Keeble and Mayes is at The Craft Centre and Design Gallery until Saturday 27th June 2015. Free entry.

Painting In Time

Painting in Time by Claire Ashley

Painting is probably considered the most traditional form of art, but one of The Tetley’s current exhibitions is expanding those horizons. Artists such as Yoko Ono, Polly Apfelbaum and Jessica Warboys are challenging themselves to expand the boundaries of the art form through Painting in Time shows, with exhibits including inflatable paintings, painting machines and even paintings that implore attendees to get hands on.

Painting in Time is at The Tetley until Sunday 5th July 2015. Free entry.

Feature image copyright Emerson Mayes. Painting In Time image detail of beauwoahzeau (one), 2012-13 by Claire Ashley. Keeble and Mayes image copyright Victoria Keeble.