Leeds-List: The Best & Most Insightful Guide to Leeds

Windows of Leeds

You see it every day, but these time-lapsed videos make the ordinary, extraordinary…

Want to see Leeds from an interesting new angle? Take a look at these intriguing time-lapsed videos. From delving into the secrets of conservation at one of the city’s most prominent museums to the incredible changes that are taking place at the city’s biggest developments and even the way the weather changes our view of Leeds, it’s impossible to look away.

The Hall of Steel Conservation Project

In January, Royal Armouries undertook a massive conservation project, meticulously cleaning all 2,500 objects in the Hall of Steel. It took a week to complete, and this video shows them doing it – good job they aren’t afraid of heights.

The incredible progress of Wellington Place

The development of Wellington Place has been moving at a rapid pace, with new buildings completed and more soon to follow. See the 35,000 square foot 10 Wellington Place rise from the ground in this time-lapsed video.

The skies over Leeds

Sometimes it’s not the movements of the city itself, but the skies above that make a video interesting – and that’s certainly the case here. See how the moving clouds change the view from Bridgewater Place.

The Windows of Leeds installation

Earlier this year, Leeds found itself bless with a new piece of public art, as Windows of Leeds was unveiled in the train station. The new installation sees the name of our fair city filled with the work of local artists, and will change as time goes by – see them putting it in place in this video.

Graffiti in the mill

You might remember ‘Throw Up!’ from last year? It was a graffiti art exhibition that saw the old weaving mill decorated in colourful style ahead of its demolition. Well, you can see one of the artists, local legend Nicolas Dixon, doing his part in this time-lapsed video.