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Investigate Paranormal Activity at Leeds City Museum

· Joseph Sheerin · Culture

Spend a night at the museum with the ghost hunting experts.

Leeds City Museum

Ever wondered what spirits lurk in the darkness at Leeds City Museum? Now you can find out, as UK Ghost Nights invite you to explore the venue after dark.

This September, you can go on an after-hours ghost hunt at Leeds City Museum. Organised by UK Ghost Nights, one of the UK’s leading paranormal investigators, it’s a chance to see a different side of the historic building, as well as testing the limits of your beliefs – are ghosts real or is it all poppycock? Find out on Saturday 16th September 2017.

Leeds City Museum was designed by renowned architect Cuthbert Brodrick and opened in 1868. It started life as the Leeds Mechanics Institute, a college with a library, study room, art gallery and the Albert Hall lecture theatre, and remained so until 1925 when it was taken over by the British Drama League and reopened as the Civic Theatre.

Leeds City Museum

Credit: UK Ghost Nights

It was used by drama groups and as a theatre all the way up until 2005, when it was converted into Leeds City Museum. Over the years, there have been rumours of paranormal activity, with tales of ghostly footsteps and doors slamming shut when no one’s there, as well as sightings of an unknown figure standing on the balcony of the Albert Hall.

But its most intriguing story lies within one of Leeds City Museum’s exhibits. The Leeds Mummy, or Nesyamun, as he’s also known, was a high priest in the Temple of Amun in Luxor. He died over 3,000 years ago, but it’s said that his spirit is still here, because bare wet footprints have appeared coming from where his coffin is kept.

You’ll be able to uncover the truth of these rumours when UK Ghost Nights come to town this September. Lisa Tedstill, Managing Director of UK Ghost Nights told us why they’ve picked Leeds City Museum, “We are always looking for new locations and have run events at other Leeds museums, so this was a natural progression. Museums are fascinating places to ghost hunt, as it’s not always just about the building but the many artefacts within. We conducted a site visit with the manager and were told many a spooky story, so we want to investigate for ourselves.”

The Leeds Mummy

The event will last from 9pm until 2am, as you go behind the scenes for a night at the museum. You’ll be split into three teams, each touring the museum with a medium and a historian. Along the way, you’ll perform vigils and take part in workshops with expert paranormal investigators.

You’ll have everything you need to spot the supernatural, as UK Ghost Nights provide all the latest technology, from thermal imaging to infrared cameras, thermometers and electromagnetic energy measurers. Over the course of the evening, you’ll wander around the museum with listening devices and voice recorders, as well as trying your hand at dowsing rods, glass moving and table tipping.

This is a very different experience of Leeds City Museum than you’ll ever have had before, as UK Ghost Nights bring you closer to the other side. If you need persuading, perhaps Tedstill’s final words will win you over, “It’s a bit like being in your very own episode of Scooby Doo but better!” Consider us sold.

The UK Ghost Night at Leeds City Museum starts at 9pm on Saturday 16th September 2017. Tickets are £55 and available now.