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Grab the Kids & Hunt Down Five Life-size Dinosaurs in Leeds

· Ali Turner · Culture

If you head into the city centre today, you’re in for a dino-sized surprise!

Leeds Jurassic Trail

Brought to you by Leeds BID, the Jurassic Trail brings five full-size animatronic dinosaurs to Leeds in a bid to make the city even more family-friendly. This is just one of the momentous events they've brought to Leeds in recent years. Find out what else they have planned…

Brought to us by Leeds BID, the Jurassic Trail is the perfect way to keep the kids busy, all through the holidays…

Leeds has been invaded! There are five life-size animatronic giant dinosaurs spread across the city centre and you can hunt them all out on the Leeds Jurassic Trail. It’s here all through the summer holidays, right up until Sunday 1st September 2019, which means you’ve got plenty of time to introduce the kids to the tail-swinging apatosaurus and the roaring T-Rex. But it’s not just dinos, there are loads of activities to keep the kids entertained too.

1. Triceratops, The Merrion Centre

A 7-metre triceratops awaits at The Merrion Centre! This is one of the most famous herbivores of the Jurassic world. It weighed over 8 tonnes and had one of the biggest skulls of any land animal ever, so you can imagine how impressive it is up close. And now, 68 million years after it last walked the earth, you can see it move and roar. His eyes blink, his head turns and his tail swishes – it’s super-realistic. While you’re here, stop by the Chamber of Time and take a tumbling tour of history with real actors and entertaining stories.

2. Carnotaurus, Leeds Kirkgate Market

Hidden amongst the street food vendors in the Market Kitchen lies an 8-metre long carnotaurus. It’s a head-butting monster with an incredibly thick skull and horns that will help it incapacitate its prey or fend off predators. This mighty beast walked the earth 72 million years ago, but you can see it today – check out those tiny little arms as he moves and twists, just like the real thing. While you’re there, the kids can have a go at a whole range of activities – make salt-dough fossils, go on a wild fact-finding mission and try all manner of dino-crafts.

3. Apatosaurus, Victoria Leeds

Like the diplodocus and the brontosaurus, the apatosaurus is a long-necked herbivore. It lived 152 million years ago, but will now tower over shoppers in Victoria Leeds. This one is a massive 11 metres long, with a huge tail that swings from side to side and a flexible neck that allows the head to turn and face you. While you’re here, check out their exclusive virtual reality pods and take a journey into the Jurassic world for just £5 or stop by John Lewis to compete in their LEGO competition every Sunday.

4. T-Rex, Trinity Leeds

The tyrannosaurus rex is one of the mightiest predators to ever walk the earth, and while that may have been 68 million years ago, the new resident in Trinity Leeds is just as impressive. Their lifelike T-Rex is a massive 18 metres long, it’s mouth is filled with over 50 huge and terrifyingly sharp teeth – you’ll see them all as it turns its face towards you and lets out an almighty roar. But that’s not the only attraction the kids will be talking about – you can take them for a ride on a dinosaur and buy them a souvenir to take home in the shop.

5. Velociraptor, Trinity Kitchen

Just outside Trinity Kitchen, you’ll find the scariest dinosaurs on Leeds Jurassic Trail – two caged velociraptors. They’re trapped for now, but how long will it take these intelligent dinosaurs to make their escape? They’ve already squeeze their heads out of the bars and they’ll snap at anyone who comes near – keep your distance or prepare to be dinner. After all, these deceptively small dinos can run at over 40 miles an hour and they have a mouth full of razor-sharp teeth.

Look beyond the trail

Leeds Jurassic Trail

Credit: Gerard Binks

Five dinosaurs, all terrifyingly real and waiting to be discovered – it’s almost too good to be true, but it gets better. You can take your dino-obsessed kids to activity sessions all over the city. From arts and crafts to film screenings, tours and workshops, there’s a little something for everyone. Keep your eyes peeled for their roaming dinosaur too. He’s just as realistic as his big brothers, but you’ll find him wandering around the city, and he’s happy to pose for close-up selfies with the little ones.