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Artwork by Victoria Keeble

This March brings an intriguing new exhibition to The Craft Centre and Design Gallery, showcasing limited edition works from Victoria Keeble and Emerson Mayes.

Housed beneath Leeds Art Gallery, The Craft Centre and Design Gallery has been championing local artists for well over 30 years, offering a stunning collection of contemporary art that includes prints, ceramics and more for both purchase and browsing. This March, they’re offering a new exhibition of limited edition works from the nature inspired Victoria Keeble and Emerson Mayes.

While both artists come from different backgrounds and have different styles, the exhibition will enchant you with etchings and hand coloured drypoint prints inspired by the wild creatures that can be found outdoors. See Keeble’s black bird perched in a bush, ready to take flight, a hare leaping through blades of grass and Mayes’ Yellowhammer mid-song.

Emerson Mayes' 'Chatty Yellowhammer'

Victoria Keeble will showcase a range of illustrative works at the exhibition. She studied textile design at the Falmouth School of Art and began silk painting in the 70s using bright colours, her trademark style. Drawn to patterns, textures and mythical creatures, her work conjures up animals in centuries-old designs. Keeble told us, “The subject matter reflects my love of mediaeval decoration, which I have studied extensively throughout Europe”.

Yorkshire born artist Emerson Mayes began his career as a painter, eager to recreate the beautiful landscapes and scenes which can be found in abundance near his Nidderdale home. While he often takes his sketchbook outdoors, he doesn’t allow himself to get hung up on the details. Mayes told us, ‘It’s the emotional reaction and that sense of place that’s most important in a finished piece, not whether a tree is in exactly the right place’.

Whether it’s the art of nature that may interest you or the vivid colours and textures put forward by the artists, the Keeble and Mayes exhibition shows off the sheer range of works given a platform by The Craft Centre and Design Gallery.

The Keeble and Mayes exhibition is at The Craft Centre and Design Gallery from Saturday 7th March to Saturday 27th June 2015. Closed Sundays and Mondays.

Main image courtesy of Victoria Keeble. Chatty Yellowhammer courtesy of Emerson Mayes.