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New Exhibition Shows off the Derelict Side of God’s Own County

· Joseph Sheerin · Culture

See Yorkshire’s abandoned buildings through the lens of urban explorers in this incredible exhibition.

Abandoned Yorkshire

A new four day exhibition at Left Bank Leeds from urban explorers, Abandoned Yorkshire, shows the old buildings left to ruin across the county.

Urban exploring is a modern phenomena which sees people seeking out old, derelict and decrepit buildings that have long been out of use and out of love. It’s a perilous task, that often sees them breaking the rules, and ignoring warnings about potential dangers, but the rewards are often worth the risk – as you’ll soon see at this exhibition.

Abandoned Yorkshire

Credit: Abandoned Yorkshire

Abandoned Yorkshire comes to Left Bank Leeds this November for four days, from from Wednesday 2nd to Saturday 5th November 2016, as part of the wider Leeds International Film Festival programme. The title of the exhibition is shared by the group behind it, whose main aim is to use photography to document the changing environment and lost heritage at sites all all over God’s Own County.

The venue for this event, Left Bank Leeds, is poignant – it was once an abandoned building itself, before being transformed into a hub for the local community and a progressive cultural events space. With new buildings being constructed all over Leeds, it can be easy to lose sight of the city’s past, even if the subjects were once iconic landmarks.

Abandoned Yorkshire

Credit: Abandoned Yorkshire

Abandoned Yorkshire documents all of this. Many of the images will show buildings that have been reclaimed by nature or since demolished and prove the last visual record of these buildings as they stood. It’s a modern kind of history documentation, that in years to come could be a valued resource – a worthy reward for the risk.

The opening night of the exhibition on Wednesday 2nd November 2016 will see a talk from those behind the group and the exhibition as they celebrate its launch, and provide insight into how they manage to visit such buildings covertly and get such amazing photos.

Abandoned Yorkshire is at Left Bank Leeds from Wednesday 2nd to Saturday 5th November 2016.

Feature image copyright Abandoned Yorkshire.