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Prepare for Battle as Ping Pong Fight Club Returns to Leeds for a Raucous Night of Gaming & Team Building

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Canal Mills will be taken over by an almighty ping pong contest this October.

Ping Pong Fight Club

Prepare to make friends and frenemies as Ping Pong Fight Club returns to Canal Mills with the ultimate team bonding experience. Compete in ping pong championships and challenges, support your co-workers and take home a trophy. Book now & save 10%...

Call HR because Ping Pong Fight Club is back bigger and better than ever on Thursday 25th October 2018 – and we’re giving you 10% off!

Ping Pong Fight Club is the ultimate work night out. It’s unlike anything you’ve done before, a raucous night of gaming that will pit your team against other companies as you battle it out in a series of challenges and championships. As far as team building goes, it doesn’t get better than this, and everyone, from the newest intern to the founding CEO, can get involved.

This is a cool new way to bring the team together

Ping Pong Fight Club

Credit: Nadia El

Ping Pong Fight Club is the brainchild of Adrian Leigh. A former junior county player, he was once nationally ranked, but gave up the game in his teens. 20 years later, in midsts of a successful career as an events manager in the music industry, he found himself at a ping pong table once again – and it gave him an idea. What if he could bring his two passions together?

It started as a public ping pong championship in Shoreditch, but soon morphed into the corporate competition we know today as Ping Pong Fight Club. They take over unique spaces, like old warehouses, art galleries and iconic landmarks to put on all-out ping pong parties that bring together people who’d never normally find themselves in the same room.

It’s been wildly successful, especially with the ever-growing mass of digital businesses in the UK. Facebook, Spotify, John Lewis, Emmerdale and Sky Betting & Gaming have all had a crack at it over the years – and many have come back for more, because it’s a great way to build relationships and encourage collaboration. More importantly, it’s something their staff genuinely want to do. “It was one of the best team building activities that I’ve ever been a part of,” Ollie Swift from Bolser Digital Agency, explained. “From the moment you walk in you feel very welcomed, up for having a good laugh and everything was well organised! It was an amazing night!”

Fight it out for the championship trophy

The latest round of Ping Pong Fight Clubs will take over Canal Mills on Thursday 25th October 2018. It’s a dark and atmospheric venue – they want you to walk inside and leave your stress at the door, so you’ll be met by the sight of 16 ping pong tables glowing under the spotlights, with a soundtrack of beat-driven electronic and house music from DJ Thomas.

“We go around the country setting up and mimicking Fight Club the movie,” Adrian told us. “The only thing you’ll see is the ping pong tables and everything else is dark and edgy, you’ll just see the bar dimly lit, but really the tables are the star of the show. We create really dynamic visuals. There’s running video and a huge scoreboard, so everyone can see where they are at in the competition in real time.”

Ping Pong Fight Club

Credit: Nadia El

And the competition itself? Well, it’s actually a whole series of contests that all contribute to your team’s overall score. The main event is the Ping Pong Fight Club competition itself. Each company picks their best and brightest players to create a team of 4 that will battle it out for the title. They play each other round-robin style, then the best two players go head to head in the finals – and so do the bottom two. Trust us, the Chancer’s Championship is one of the most entertaining games of the night!

If you want to give your company the edge, enter an all-female team. Ping Pong Fight Club has teamed up with Table Tennis England to help attract more women into the sport, so they’re offering a free coaching session with a professional table tennis player to any team that goes guy-free. They’ll stop by your office ahead of the event, so you’ll be all set to blow the competition out of the water.

Ping Pong Fight Club

Credit: Nadia El

Everyone outside the main team is a supporter, but that doesn’t mean you’ll be at a loose end, there are loads of ways to get involved. You could enter the Doubles Championship with one of your colleagues – hell, you could even team up with someone from another company. Or why not try the Pong Bot Challenge? You’ll take on their robot to see how many balls you can hit in 60 seconds. This bad boy can hurl out 95 balls per minute, although they usually set it at a speedy 65, so you won’t get totally bombarded.

You can play virtual reality ping pong too. For the VR Headset Challenge, they’ve drafted in a team of developers from New York to create a custom-made ping pong game that lets you play in iconic locations, like the Pyramids or a New York loft. As always, your score will be totted up and added to the main board, so you can help your company win the day. And the same is true of their final challenge. Tsingtao is the official sponsor of Ping Pong Fight Club, and as such, it has its own event – the Beer Pong Championship. This is your chance to play your way to fame, glory and a case of 24 bottles.

It’s not all head-to-head battles

Ping Pong Fight Club

Credit: Ping Pong Fight Club Manchester

If you’d rather not compete, you could always head to the pro table to take on their resident expert. Two-time Olympic champion Andrea Holt stepped up to field questions and ping pong balls at the last event, so expect the best of the best. And afterwards, you can bagsy one of their social tables to practice and play outside of the official championships.

Everyone gets a free Tsingtao when they arrive, but the bar is packed out with all your favourite drinks, so whether you want a G&T, a whisky and coke or a nice glass of vino, they’ve got you covered. And if you need to load up on carbs ahead of your next match, you can pick up a slice from Pizza Loco, their resident street food vendor. Don’t forget to stop by their face painting station to get your battle scars, black eyes and bruises too.

Exclusive offer – get 10% off Ping Pong Fight Club

From small groups of 14 people to big teams of 100+, Ping Pong Fight Club caters for businesses of every shape and size. And whichever package you choose, everyone on your team will get a free t-shirt branded with your company logo, as well as a wristband, a headband and a Tsingtao beer. Even better, you can save 10% if you book now.

Ping Pong Fight Club comes to Canal Mills on Thursday 25th October 2018.

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