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Preview: The Wire Quiz at Belgrave Music Hall - Courtesy of HBO-web

Belgrave Music Hall’s latest quiz this July takes on the Godfather of modern television, The Wire.

Pub quizzes are an old fashioned pastime. Yes, they’re still incredibly popular, but they’re not the sole reason you go to the pub anymore, right? Well, Belgrave Music Hall has set itself the task of changing that perception.

Systematically working their way through the greatest television shows of all time, from Friends to Breaking Bad, they’ve finally come to the daddy of them all, The Wire.

Where do you start with a quiz on HBO’s seminal show? You could base the whole thing around picking the real criminals apart from the actors in every scene. You could be quizzed on the accuracy of the mostly English cast’s Baltimore accents? You could even be asked how many times Senator Clay Davies says his famous phrase ‘Sheeeeeeeeiiiiiittt’ across the five seasons.

‘The Wire’ is a work of such depth and detail, you could go anywhere with it. And that’s precisely why it’s so popular. When it first aired, back in 2002, it hung on by a thread across its five seasons, gaining massive critical acclaim without the numbers to back it up. It revolutionised television as we know it, if ‘The Wire’ hadn’t set up the format of multi-stranded, weaving storylines first, producers would still be looking at the epic work that is ‘Game of Thrones’ wondering where to begin.

Still, it exists and we should be thankful for it. If anything, Belgrave Music Hall’s upcoming quiz is just another excuse to sit through it all over again. Considering it’s over ten years old, it’s surprising how much it holds up – even if the unfortunate reason for that is that nothing has really changed when it comes to America’s ‘War on Drugs’.

But it’s not just the chance for a re-watch that should get you down to The Wire quiz on a Sunday night. Belgrave Music Hall will have prizes throughout the night, giving away pizzas, booze and cash – but when you’re stuffed full of beer and pizza, money doesn’t matter.

Also, and don’t hold us to it, there might be something special on the menu. Though the guys at Belgrave may have their work cut out for them after the amazing ‘Tribbiani’ cheese and meatball sub.

Might we suggest the name ‘Hamsterdam’ – it’s up to you guys what you put in it. S’all in the game, right?

The Wire Quiz is at Belgrave Music Hall on Sunday 20th July 2014. Free entry.

Image courtesy of HBO Broadcasting