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See Vintage Campers, Beetles and Polos at VW Festival

· Joseph Sheerin · Culture

Don't miss a weekend of retro cars and live entertainment at Harewood House.

VW Festival at Harewood House

VW Festival is back for another three days at Harewood House – expect car displays, live music, entertainment and plenty of the famous Beetles and campers.

Few car manufacturers, particularly everyday ones, inspire the sort of devotion that Volkswagen does. The German brand is currently the biggest automaker in Europe and a lot of that stems from its rich heritage and ardent supporters. That’s why the annual VW Festival at Harewood House is such a big deal.

From Friday 9th to Sunday 11th August 2019, thousands of VW aficionados will head to the country house for a glorious weekend filled with the motors of yesteryear. But that’s not all – there’s live music, street food, art and all manner of activities for the kids to enjoy across three days.

VW Festival

Credit: El Russell

The star of the weekend is the Show and Shine event. 250 of the best Volkswagen motors from across the UK are selected before the show. They’re then put on display across the weekend before judging takes place on Sunday afternoon when you can see the finest air-cooled and water-cooled VW campers crowned the winners.

The VW displays are also a highlight. This year, they’re putting on a large Ratty VW display, where unloved VWs are given a chance to be appreciated whatever their condition or faults. Sponsored by Dubratz, who specialise in showing a bit of love to the weird and wonderful, it’s set to be an eye-catching part of the VW Festival.

That’s not all – they’ve got a special show dedicated to Graffitied Vehicles. You can browse a series of incredible VW cars that have been given an artistic makeover by top graffiti artists. And you can even see them in action as the guys from AutoGraf put on a live display, turning old VWs into works of art.

If you’re after even more classic Volkswagens, head to the Air Cooled Display. In conjunction with Clique 53, you can see a huge range of air-cooled Beetles, camper vans and more, all of which were made using their special engines from 1936 to 2006. Or you can check out the Karmenn Ghia display, which shines a light on the classic sports car that was in production from 1955 to 1974.

It’s not all cars either. Across the weekend, there’s live music, street food and bike stunts, as well as a chance to win a VW in the annual raffle. They even have special activities for the little ones with face painting, Scalextric racing and a circus show. The VW Festival a must, whatever your age.

The VW Festival is at Harewood House on Friday 9th to Sunday 11th August 2019.

Feature image copyright El Russell.