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The Story Behind Those Big Beautiful Posters Thanking Key Workers And How You Can Get Involved

· Ali Turner · Culture

Spread a little joy and help raise money for charity.

Posters for the People

Posters for the People is a new art project that aims to spread a wave of technicolour positivity across the country…

If you’ve been out for your daily exercise lately, you may have seen Posters for the People. It’s a new undertaking from In Good Company, a curated art project that aims to bring ‘more art, fun and colour to the streets’. Inspired by the outpouring of gratitude for our key workers, they’ve created a series of posters to spread the love and raise money for charity – but they need your help.

It’s the brainchild of Laura Wellington, Founder of Duke Studios and the driving force behind In Good Company. “I was inspired by the weekly applause and the rainbow artworks popping up on pavements and in windows,” She explained. “It all started with a massive billboard in Leeds designed by artist Morag Myerscough. We wanted to create masses of fabulous billboards and posters across the UK. We turned the first one around in just 72 hours, but it quickly became clear that the national billboard process was just too slow, so we decided to give the power to the people.”

And so they changed direction. Instead of billboards, they made posters. It was a labour of love and one that saw them join forces with a team of artists from around the UK. Morag Myerscough, the artist behind their original billboard, created two posters in the same vein, but Studio Build, Rebecca Strickson Illustration, Anthony Burrill, FYI, Luke Tonge, Craig Black and Risotto Studio have all added their own colourful creations into the mix.

These posters are now on sale to the public. They have, quite literally, put the power in our hands. Much like the rainbows, we can come together as a community and help to brighten each other’s days, all while saying thanks to our key workers. As a result, you’ll see them popping up everywhere – on our streets, our homes and our workplaces, hung over fences and dangled out of windows, not just here, but all over the country. And that was the idea – to create a band of colour across the UK in honour of our key workers.

So, how can you get involved? Well, buy one of course! Their standard size, which comes in at a whopping great 100cm by 75cm, costs just £19.80. All profits raised will be split between the artists’ chosen charities, so not only can you spread a little positivity, but you’ll also help a great cause. They’ve picked five incredibly worthy charities, in the form of NHS Charities Together, St Luke’s Hospice, The Blurt Foundation, ARTfelt and The Trussell Trust.

FYI have set up a webshop so it really couldn’t be easier. Just order online and watch out for the postman (another keyworker we tip our hat to). In the meanwhile, In Good Company will continue to spread the love by taking over poster drums and billboards across Yorkshire.

You can buy Posters for the People banners online now.