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There’s a Ginormous T-Rex in Trinity Leeds and the Kids Are Going to Love It

· Ali Turner · Culture

Forget Jurassic World – Trinity Leeds has its own life-sized dinosaur.

Trinity Leeds Dinosaur

Trinity Leeds is the place to be this summer. Not only can you take the kids to see a 16-metre Tyrannosaurus Rex, but you can also make the most of a delicious array of deals at your favourite restaurants with Trinity Eats. Find out more...

Trinity has a very unusual guest this summer – a 3-tonne dinosaur that’s as big as the real thing.

If you go down to Trinity Leeds tomorrow, you’re in for a big surprise. There’s a huge animatronic Tyrannosaurus Rex among the shops and the restaurants. At 16 metres long and 8 metres high, it’s impossible to miss – but this is no static model, it moves and even roars. Needless to say – the kids are going to love it.

Trinity Dinosaur

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Their new life-size dinosaur launches on Saturday 21st July 2018 and it’ll be there all summer long, right up until Sunday 2nd September 2018 when the kids are preparing to go back to school. It’s totally free to visit and you can get surprisingly close – watch him blink, shake his tail and lift his arms, while he roars at the crowds around him.

This is the biggest animatronic T-Rex in the UK and it’s based on the real thing. They’ve used drawings and skeletons of real dinosaurs to make their model true to life, although they’ve taken a little creative license with the colouring and the proportions. This is just about as close as you’ll ever get to history’s most terrifying predator – and it’s incredibly realistic. Beneath that scaled exterior, there’s a metal skeleton topped with memory foam. They’ve finished it with latex and silicone to make it look super-convincing, so the kids will think they’re seeing the real deal.

It’s been a huge undertaking. This is a massive piece of kit, in fact, it’s so big that they had to ship it from China, where it was custom-built, in four parts. The head, body, legs and tail were brought into the UK in a 40-foot shipping container – they landed in Southhampton earlier this week, before being transferred into a ginormous trailer and transported by road to Trinity Leeds where the pieces were put together on-site. It took 10 hours to bolt and stitch the dinosaur together, and they did it all overnight, so kudos to the construction team.

The animatronic Tyrannosaurus Rex is a collaborative project that’s been brought to Leeds thanks to LeedsBID, Trinity Leeds and Child Friendly Leeds. Alongside the dinosaur, which is of course the main attraction, there will be a dino shop where you can pick up toys, books and gifts to keep your little palaeontologist entertained. And let’s not forget Trinity Eats, the 6-week extravaganza that will make eating out surprisingly affordable.

The dinosaur will be at Trinity Leeds from Saturday 21st July 2018 to Sunday 2nd September 2018. It’s free to visit, just show up and enjoy.