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This Is Your At-home Culture Fix Sorted

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Your down time sorted.

Escape Hunt

Lockdown schmockdown! You can still have an incredible time at home…

Hooray! We can go outside for unlimited exercise and recreation, we can even meet one other person outside our household in the great outdoors, but we’re still going to be spending a whole lot of time at home, so we’ve put together a list of culture injections that will make you feel like you’re out, even when you’re at home. From plays to club nights, escape games to pub quizzes, there’s something for everyone.

Leeds Jazz Club

Jazz Leeds Lockdown Sessions. Sundays just got better because Jazz Leeds have dug into their archives to bring us a never-ending stream of long-gone live gigs. Grab a pint or glass of wine and sit down to enjoy two one-hour sessions with some of the finest bands from home and abroad.

The Cardigan Arms Quiz. Pull yourself a pint and prepare to bang your head against boggling topics like ‘The Weird Charades Bit’, ‘The Badly-Played Song Round’ and the ‘The Middle-Class Price Check Bit’. Tune in on Zoom at 8pm every Tuesday with the meeting ID 616 928 4768 – the password is virtuous.

Doctor Simpo’s Animated Antidote Cartoon Competition. Gosh, that was a mouthful, but in short, it’s an animation competition. Sixty seconds of ‘funny, silly, wacky wild, down-right-daft screen time to blow away the anxiety of our times, with above all – laughter!’ Tips released on YouTube every Wednesday.

Credit: Alistair Muir

Trouble in Tahiti. A short and sweet opera with the feel of a Broadway musical, Trouble in Tahiti is the perfect way to get a little culture at home. Watch as they escape their humdrum lives and lift the lid on the American dream in a bite-sized 45-minute production.

Safe Transmission. Club Mission have kicked off their weekly lives streams and they’ll be back every Saturday from 9pm. If you can’t go to the club, they’re sure as hell going to bring it to you. You can watch the show live on Facebook.

Secret Cinema at Home. Inkwell are bringing people together through their weekly film club. At 8pm every Friday, everyone will watch a film together in their homes, then afterwards, they’ll all come together to discuss it in their private Facebook group.

Sketch Club at University of Leeds Art Galleries

The Stanley & Audrey Burton Gallery

1984. Told completely through dance, Jonathan Watkin’s modern reimagining of George Orwell’s iconic dystopian novel won critical acclaim when it premiered in 2015. Now you (and Big Brother) can watch it again because they’ve put the whole thing online.

Virtual Made with Music Mini-Gig. Usually held at Brudenell Social Club, Made with Music have taken their Mini-Gigs online. Join them from 3pm on Sundays for a fun, interactive 30-minute party with music and sing-a-longs the kids will love.

Sketch Club with Leeds University Galleries. You can’t drop in but you can still draw, so Leeds University Galleries are bringing their collection to you. Every Friday at 12:30pm, they’ll release a new picture of their collection on Twitter, so you can hone your sketching skills.

Night of the Living Dead

Credit: Edward Waring

Night of the Living Dead™ – Remix. A co-production between Leeds Playhouse and Imitating the Dog, this is your chance to watch Romero’s classic zombie movie as never before. This film version is spliced together from dress rehearsals, making it feel all the more real.

Lockdown Film Club. Bringing people together, even when we’re all stuck at home, HEART invites you to join them at 7pm every Friday for Lockdown Film Club. Each week, they’ll explore a new genre, as the group talks about their favourite films and why they made such an impression.

The Turn of the Screw. Henry James’ epic psychological thriller inspired Benjamin Britten to create this haunting opera. This spine-tingling show will make you wonder what’s real and what’s not as you’re taken on a spine-tingling adventure into the unknown. Watch it online.

Museums at Home. One for the kids, Leeds Museums & Galleries have taken their collection online – Learning and Access Officer Emily Nelson will introduce you to a different theme every week, so you can brush up your history while exploring the weird and wonderful items their collection.

Water Lane Boathouse Quiz. Streamed live on Facebook every Monday, the Water Lane Boathouse quiz is everything it was in the real world, but made virtual. Expect mad-cap questions on ‘things with wings’, ‘noughty numbers’ and more with themes that change every week.

Escape Hunt. Craving your favourite escape games? You’re in luck because the geniuses behind Escape Hunt have released a series of play-at-home games to keep the grey stuff firing. Designed for two or more players, they’ll have you puzzling your way through a new adventure for £14.99 a pop.

Northern Ballet's Casanova

Credit: Emma Kauldhar

Casanova. Not just the player he’s known as today, Casanova was a priest, a musician and a soldier, he escaped prison and was exiled from Venice. You can experience the real Casanova and all his conquests in Northern Ballet’s mind-blowing production, which is now available to watch online.

The Vultures’ Song. Their Leeds date was cancelled, but acclaimed theatre company Bla Bla Bla have brought The Vulture Song to us regardless. Watch online as four vultures tell the story of a young girl forced to leave her home and search for a new one. They also have activities for you to download.

Saturday Love Live Stream Belgrave Music Hall always brings the party and lockdown ain’t going to stop that. Every Saturday, give or take a few as they find their feet, they’ll bring you a live DJ to help you get that weekend spirit going at home. Go on, get yourself a Patty Smiths on Deliveroo to seal the deal.

Livestream Chemic Pub Quiz. Every Monday, without fail, the Chemic Tavern welcome punters back for a virtual pub quiz that will boggle your brain. From current events to ‘on this day in history’, it’s guaranteed to keep you and your mates on your toes. Just make sure your beer fridge is well stocked.

Meet & Make. Every week, Leeds Art Gallery brings people together to create their own art inspired by their collections. They can’t do it at the gallery anymore, so they’re doing it online by releasing a new activity on their YouTube page at 12:30pm every week.

The Good Book. Made before the lockdown and due a red carpet premiere that just wasn’t to be, The Good Book is the first production from Slung Low and Leeds People’s Theatre. Now available online, it tells the story of civil war in a future Leeds.


Windrush: Movement of the People. In this contemporary dance piece, Phoenix Dance Theatre founder Sharon Watson tells the story of the arrival of SS Empire Windrush to a soundtrack of calypso, jazz, gospel and reggae. See the results online now in this 52-minute performance.

It’s True, It’s True, It’s True. If you missed it last year at Leeds Playhouse, you’re being given a second chance because It’s True, It’s True, It’s True is now available to view online. Based on surviving court transcripts, it tells the story of the 1612 trial of the rape of young painter Artemisia Gentileschi.

You Can Also Bet Too. Every other Sunday, it’s game show night at The Holbeck – and when we say that, we mean virtually. Expect games of derring-do and all manner of audience participation as they invite you to ring in, become a contestant and win prizes on the most bonkers game show you’ll watch this year.

Remember – stay home, stay safe, support your local independents. Takeaways, groceries, booze and meat – we’ve got a guide for that.