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Why Matchmaking Dating Services in Leeds Aren’t Just for the Rich

· Andrew Emery · Culture

Bespoke dating isn’t out of your reach.

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Let’s Go Dating is an affordable, bespoke matchmaking and dating service based in Leeds. It’s real-world matching, not an app, and they aim to find you the right partner by really getting to know you. Find out more.

Stop looking for love in all the wrong places – why matchmaking is the more discreet way forward for daters.

As anyone who has dipped their toe into the dating world recently can tell you, it’s a minefield. It should be easier than ever before, of course, with apps and algorithms working quietly to find your ‘perfect’ match. But ask anyone who has been on a bunch of bad online-organised dates and you’ll get a different story. Which is where Let’s Go Dating come in – they’re pioneering an approach which makes bespoke matchmaking something that isn’t just for the rich.

Why apps don’t guarantee ‘appiness

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Let’s Go Dating founders Clare Miles and Louise Knutsson have heard all the horror stories. Maybe you have too. Friends who’ve met the perfect man on Tinder, Bumble or any of a whole range of dating apps, and it didn’t quite pan out. Ghosting, dates who’ve lied about their job, their name, their appearance. While many people have found love and companionship using dating apps, a lot of people are reluctant to dip their toe into those choppy waters ever again.

The process can also be long-winded. Swiping right based on a quick glimpse of how a person has chosen to present themselves leads to a back and forth chat that might go somewhere, it might not. In the meantime, you’re fending off approaches from other potential suitors. More than that, it’s not discreet. There’s a good chance you’ll bump into friends, colleagues, heck, even family members on the most popular dating sites and apps. And no-one wants to see their divorced dad’s public profile.

Taking a more considered approach to dating

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Inspired by these tales from the frontline of dating apps, Louise and Clare decided there had to be a better way for people in Leeds to meet, which is how Let’s Go Dating was born. In a nutshell? They think the best way for single people to meet other singles is by having your hand held from the start. They’ll get to know you, they’ll get to know their other clients, and they’ll introduce the ones they think have things in common they can truly connect over – not the surface impressions you get on a smartphone before you swipe.

It all starts with an in-depth interview, where your profile will be built. The more in-depth the better – it takes around an hour – as it’s not just about what you like to do and your preferences in food, music, politics and so on. No, it’s also about them understanding your background and the person you really are. They want to know what you do and don’t like about dates, what challenges you’ve overcome and what your ambitions and outlook on life are – so they can find someone who they think will be a good fit.

Making dating more democratic

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In a way, it seems an obvious approach to take, but it’s one that dating apps and mass-market singles sites don’t do. Instead, it’s a technique that matchmaking and elite singles sites use, but usually at huge expense. Browse their offering and you’ll see packages skyrocketing into the high thousands – some even in five figures – all for a handful of dates. It’s something that’s just not affordable for the vast majority of people, and means that only a certain kind of person can use it, far from the inclusive city that Leeds really is.

With Let’s Go Dating, Louise and Clare are keen to not to price Leeds singles out of the matchmaking market. They want to offer a bespoke, personal service that is available and accessible to all. It may still sound more expensive than an app, but with many of those charging membership fees – and people often signed up to multiple ones at a time – the entry-level bronze membership is a good first step into the more curated and confidential world of matchmaking.

An approach that is tailored to you

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What does your membership get you that you can’t get from an app? It all starts with that initial interview which drills down into what you’re really looking for – and what you aren’t. It’s way more complex than just ticking boxes on an app. Security is really important to a lot of people who want to date, so you’ll be glad to know that the service is both confidential and discreet, while all clients will be vetted and ID checked. That means that when you meet someone, you really meet them, and not a persona they’ve created.

After that, Let’s Go Dating will work to make you a match – one that isn’t dependent on a database or an algorithm, that doesn’t really understand people. No, because they’ve got to know you and the rest of their clients, they’ll use their expertise gained from successful careers in recruitment to put you together with someone they think you’ll hit it off with. And you can rest assured that the person you are meeting for a date isn’t meeting multiple suitors at the same time – you’re not one of many.

You don’t have to do the dating journey alone

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If you have more money to spend, you can choose to go for a silver or gold membership, which will include more guaranteed recommendations, telephone support and even dating coach sessions if you’re someone who struggles to make the right impression. But even at bronze level, you’re getting a level of personal service and matchmaking that’s highly unusual at this price. This isn’t speed dating, it’s about helping you to find a relationship with someone else who’s looking for the same thing.

If you’d like something less one-on-one, Let’s Go Dating also hold regular Thursday Mixers. Members can attend, but they’re also going to offer tickets to people who want to try them out for size – it’s a great opportunity not just to meet other singles in Leeds, but to also talk to Louise and Clare and get a feel for their expertise and disruptive approach to the dating game. They’ll be keeping a firm hand on the age and gender ratios, so you won’t be walking into a room full of people 30 years older – or younger – than yourself.