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Why This Leeds Digital Festival Event Will be a Rallying Cry for the Tech Community in Leeds

· Andrew Emery · Digital & Tech

Find out why community is so important to the future of the city's tech sector.

xDesign Team

xDesign is a UK-based digital development partner that creates award-winning digital products for recognisable brands and clients across numerous sectors. It'll be hosting four events as part of Leeds Digital Festival. Find out more and reserve your free tickets.

The Leeds tech community needs to work together to continue to grow effectively, and xDesign are helping to lead the way.

With Leeds Digital Festival on the horizon, the city’s tech companies are coming together, not just to talk to you about their sector, but to collaborate too. That’s hugely important to xDesign, a UK-based company who develop digital solutions for companies as diverse as MoneySuperMarket, Zonal, The Alchemist and the BBC. Their approach has won awards and their healthy working culture has seen them recognised as one of the UK’s best places to work. They have four LDF events lined up, with team members joined by people from companies they have great relationships with. That collaboration and community is front and centre of their message.

Building a future-proof Leeds tech community

xDesign Staff Leeds

Rather than just standing alone, the team at xDesign are keenly aware that the continued growth and success of tech in Leeds relies on collaboration. That’s why their discussion on ‘Why community is vital to tech’s future’ will see them sharing a table with other prominent collaborators, such as Megan Lipp, the Head of Development at Ahead Partnership, and Martyn Long, Head of Employment and Skills at Leeds City Council. The topic up for discussion is a must-listen for all tech companies, stakeholders and employees – how forging community links is the best way to secure the best possible future for the sector.

As xDesign panellists Matt Ward, Head of Leeds, and Andrew Bardsley, Head of Learning & Development, will attest, the city’s tech community is a vibrant and diverse one, but those qualities need strengthening through collaboration. That’s especially important at a time when tech is facing a skills shortage, such is the rate of growth. It’s not just about the tech companies talking to each other though, it’s also about reaching out into the community, which is where the links with Leeds City Council and Ahead Partnership come in.

They’re working in the city to secure the talent pipeline but also to integrate demographics that might not know the opportunities awaiting in tech. Identifying skills gaps and putting in place provision to fill them is another benefit collaboration brings. This can help bolster and inform conversations about accessibility, inclusion and how the tech sector can truly reflect this marvellous melting pot of a city. At the event, xDesign will be standing up to say they’re prepared to help lead this debate, and are open to working with anyone who wants to help.

Why community is vital to tech’s future takes place at xDesign, Platform, New Station Street, Leeds, West Yorkshire, LS1 4JB at 2.30pm on Tuesday 27th September 2022.

Accessibility, security and the future of coding

xDesign Leeds

That’s not the only event they’ve got lined up, however, but there are threads and themes in common. Accessibility: Why it’s vital we build digital estates like physical ones takes place from 4pm to 6pm on Tuesday 20th September 2022. Paul Alexander, xDesign’s Head of Quality Assurance, will explore how we can best echo the accessibility we’ve built into our physical world in the digital sphere. He’ll argue that accessibility is the right approach to take from the start, and that it’s not just about catering for all groups, but an essential driver of success for tech businesses.

Want to know more about security and tech products? You won’t want to miss (Ab)user Experience: How the dark side of Product and Security can be used for (ab)user stories, (mis)use cases and threat modelling from 4pm to 6pm on Wednesday 21st September 2022. Jeff Watkins, the Chief Product and Technology Officer at xDesign will be joined by Lianne Potter, Cyber Anthropologist at The AnthroSecurist, to talk about ‘threat agents’. If you’re interested in building products and apps that might be exposed to online threats from people they’re not aimed at, it’s a must.

xDesign will also be chairing a tech community discussion from 10am to 11.30am on Friday 23rd September 2022. Low-code / no-code: The building blocks for tech success in 2022 and beyond will delve into the impact of apps and coding platforms that have the potential to democratise the coding world. But is such an approach wholly positive, or does a ‘template’ approach to coding hold back scalability and freedom for companies? This is what they’ll be debating, another perfect example of the Leeds tech community coming together.

These three events will all be held at xDesign, Platform, New Station Street, Leeds, West Yorkshire LS1 4JB.