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15 Leeds Instagram Accounts You Need to Follow

· Joseph Sheerin · Discussion

Get ready to push your follow button on these Leeds Instagram accounts.

These Instagram accounts show off the very best of Leeds – get ready to double tap their pics.

Want to see Leeds at its finest on your Instagram feed? You’re in luck because we’ve rounded up some of our favourite local accounts. From professional photographers to artists drawing their own version of Leeds, they all post incredible pictures that will give you a glimpse of the city through someone else’s eyes.


Humans of Leeds is a project you’ve probably heard of. You’ll find it in cities around the world, as they tell the stories of everyday people. Each post focusses on one person, found on the streets of Leeds, and asks them to tell us something about them. The picture that goes with it is taken there and then, showing where they were at that moment. Stories vary from what they’re doing on the day to emotional tales of love and loss. It’s a powerful Instagram account that always offers something new and interesting.


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Want to see Leeds in its best light? Follow @discover.leeds on Instagram. It brings together pictures of the city from all over Instagram, crediting the person who posted it, and sharing it with the masses. From capturing it’s amazing architecture to covering events and giving you a cracking view of the city, you’ll be double-tapping all the way through its profile.


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@martinleodis is a local Instagram favourite and it’s easy to see why. He’s a professional photographer who shares amazing images of Leeds. See the city at its most photogenic, as he shows you Bridgewater Place after dark and Leeds Town Hall at sunset – but keep an eye out for his candid shots of the people of Leeds too.


Leeds is blessed with incredible architecture and you can see it in all its glory by following @leedsarchitecture. The account belongs to Alan Priest, a local photographer and architecture enthusiast, who aims to show off ‘the true capital of the North’ through his Instagram snaps. Old or new, big or small, Alan isn’t biased, he just wants to show you the buildings that make Leeds architecturally unique.


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Capturing how a city feels is a tough thing to do, but Leon, a photographer who goes under the pseudonym @elbeaverino on Instagram, manages to do just that. His black and white images show off a moody but charming side to Leeds life, which are contrasted nicely against his vibrant, colourful images of the Yorkshire’s natural wonders.


A collaboration between Leeds based photographer Tom Joy and a group of local photographers, @leedslurking is a platform to document ‘street scenes, skylines, shapes and whatever is around the corner in Leeds’. The group’s ability to find new and interesting ways to look at the city is impressive to say the least – it will give you a completely new perspective on things you see every day. This account won’t fill up your feed, but when it appears, you’ll be double-tapping.


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Liam Gawtry’s Instagram account proclaims to ‘shoot everything’ – don’t worry he means on his camera, and the results are wicked. His images are something to be seen – he likes to get up close with the city’s architecture, showing off parts of buildings you wouldn’t usually see, as well as offering amazing vistas of Leeds that are packed full of colour.


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@unevenedits is the profile of ‘photographer in training’ Nigel, but while he may only be starting out, his account shows off his rather professional shots of Leeds. From train station views to urban scenes, street art and architectural angles, he manages to capture the very essence of Leeds through his images. Well worth a follow.


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If you want to see the best of Leeds, you need to follow @leeds.life. It’s a compilation of the coolest, most interesting shots of the city, posted on Instagram. From stunning architecture to cityscape vistas and the beauty of every day life in the city, they’ve brought it all together in one place.


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Andy Davenport is an amateur photographer from Leeds, whose Instagram account shows off the city as he sees it. He uses a Canon 60D, or sometimes just his iphone, and his photos have a shiver-inducing quality to them, packed full of the atmosphere, whether it’s in the city or one of the suburb’s parks.


Typesetting.co is a new project from the folk behind Colours May Vary. They’ve created a public archive of the city’s typographical heritage and their Instagram account will give you a glimpse of it. All their images have been uploaded to their site by contributors and will act as a lasting reminder of the incredible typesetting that can be found here, with everything from engravings to ghost signs.


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Local blogger Carl Milner isn’t just good with words, he’s also a dab hand with a camera, which makes his Instagram account a must follow. He captures pictures of sunsets, cityscapes and local landmarks with his trusty camera, but what really sets his account apart is his obsession with space – you might even see his snaps of the International Space Station as it flies over Leeds.


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Here’s something a little different. @art_by_arjo is an illustrative artist who specialises in architectural pencil and pen art. The account shows off some of the city’s most iconic landmarks and independent businesses through amazingly detailed black and white drawings, from Kirkgate Market and Leeds Corn Exchange to Wapentake and House of Koko.


Tom Tornegard is a travel and adventure photographer who documents his escapades across the world on his Instagram account. But he also shares stunning images of his home town, Leeds, amidst the globetrotting. His snaps offer a dramatic insight into the city as well as the stunning Yorkshire countryside that’s just minutes away.


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You can really see a theme running through Pete Alderson’s Instagram. Based in Manchester and Leeds, he snaps both cities in his own way. His images are packed full of contrasts, light and dark, people and shadows, night and day. The results are stunning compositions that make take on Leeds unique.

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