3 Leeds Tech Companies That Are Investing in the Next Generation

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This is your fast-track into the world of tech.

Grads can get a leg up on the career ladder at these big tech companies.

There’s no shortage of bright, young talent in Leeds, but the pandemic has made getting that all-important first job a real challenge, which is why it’s more important than ever to champion the businesses that are pushing forward with their graduate schemes. From software development to consulting, this is your chance to kick start a career in tech. The best part? You don’t even need a STEM degree.

BJSS Academy

BJSS Academy Graduate Scheme

BJSS is an industry leading tech consultancy that uses the latest innovations to solve challenges no-one else can, from making online banking platforms secure to boosting the efficiency of NHS booking systems. Interested? Grads can kick-start their careers through the BJSS Academy. You don’t need a STEM degree, just a passion for IT, as the four-week course will introduce you to the business and help you build skills in software engineering.

“It’s practitioner led, so you get to learn from subject matter experts from across the business, taking you through the whole solution-delivery lifecycle,” Frazer Robinson, Head of Talent at BJSS, explained. “Learning continues as you’re assigned to projects or further learning paths, depending on the interests that have emerged, so it’s customised, rather than dropping the same approach for everyone.”

Audacia Graduate Software Developer Programme

Audacia Graduate Scheme

Audacia is a software development company that delivers technology solutions to a huge array of industries. From online ticketing platforms to utilities management portals, no one project is ever the same, which makes this the place to start your career. They’re looking for bright, young problem solvers to join their grad scheme. Over three months, you’ll get to grips with key concepts and skills like data access, C#, JavaScript and Typescript, through a mix of seminar learning and hands-on training.

“We’ll do a teaching session, let’s say focussing on web design, and then you’ll go off and build on your application, focussing on the web design skills we’ve been covering,” Richard Brown, Head of Engineering at Audacia, explained. “It’s not all about how you write code – a lot of it is about how you communicate effectively with clients and with peers and how you analyse requirements, to make you effective as part of a wider team.”

The FDM Graduate Programme

FDM Graduate Programme

FDM is a global tech consultancy that offers award-winning training for young talent. They have two programmes – one that turns grads into fully-fledged business consultants and another that focused entirely on tech careers. You’ll get in-depth training on everything from machine learning and cloud tech to agile and data science to prepare you for a future role in software development, business intelligence or technical operations.

“Whether you’re a newly qualified physicist, literature or sociology graduate, this course offers a fast-track route to technical qualifications and an exciting new job,” Sheila Flavell, Chief Operating Officer at FDM, told us. “Every member of the team is given full support to achieve their full potential with mentoring and continued support from our incredible team.”