Leeds-List: The Best & Most Insightful Guide to Leeds

Church of St Peter

Historic England have just completed their latest list of sites at risk, and there are three new additions in Leeds alone.

The Heritage at Risk programme is designed to identify and help to protect sites that are at risk of neglect, decay or inappropriate development. It started as a list of buildings in 1998, before expanding out to cover a variety of sites, including archeological sites, registered battle fields and protected shipwrecks.

Over 60% of England’s historic sites on the 1999 Register have now been saved – but every year, more are added the list, and this year, there are three new additions in Leeds.

1. The Church of St Peter

Church of St Peter

The Church of St Peter is an important part of the local community, and indeed, Rawdon’s history. It was consecrated way back when in 1684, but a lot has changed since then, with the west tower added in 1706 and the original chapel replaced in 1864, before the choir vestry was added in 1908.

It’s still as beautiful to look at now as it always was, but the building itself is in dire need of work, as the roof is in poor condition and water is now getting into the building itself. Luckily, they’ve been offered Heritage Lottery Fund project development funding, so hopefully it won’t be on the list for long.

The Church of St Peter, Town Street, Rawdon, West Yorkshire, LS19 6QL.

2. Bramham Biggin

Bramham Biggin Heritage at Risk

Bramham Biggin has a long history behind it, having been home to a host of important families, including D’Arcy, Gascoigne, Fairfax and Goodricke, before being transformed into Bramham College by Dr. Benjamin Bentley Haigh in 1842. Its life as an educational institute was short lived, as Dr Haigh passed away in 1869, when it became a private residence again.

Bramham Biggin is now vacant and has been for some time, so the three storey house in the Bramham Park Estate, which is made of magnesian limestone ashlar with a slate stone roof, is in a state of disrepair and English Heritage have now identified it as at risk.

Bramham Biggin, Bramham cum Oglethorpe, Leeds, West Yorkshire, LS23 6LR.

3. Ledston Hall Gate Piers

Ledston Hall Gate Piers

Ledston Hall is no stranger to the Heritage at Risk list. This year, they’ve maintained their D-grade place in the list, which signifies slow deterioration – but they’ve been accompanied by an additional listing for the Gate Piers on the former drive.

Made from sandstone and magnesian limestone, they’re Grade II, but the masonry is in poor condition, suffering from erosion, displacement and partial collapse. Historic England have proposed that their restoration is built into wider plans to repair and restore Ledston Hall.

Ledston Hall, Hall Lane, Ledston, Leeds, West Yorkshire, WF10 2BB.

Church of St Peter, Bradston Biggin and Ledston Hall Gate Piers copyright English Heritage.  Cover image copyright Tim Green, licensed under Creative Commons for commercial use.