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5 Leeds Businesses That are Driving Change in the Tech Industry

· Ali Turner · Discussion

From closing the skills gap to driving innovation, these businesses are leading the way.

TPP Hortforth

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Everyone knows that the tech industry is booming, but what’s happening here in Leeds and how is it making a difference?

It’s easy to believe that the UK’s biggest tech innovations happen in London, but that’s not the case. From changing perceptions about industry to revolutionising the way healthcare professionals engage with patient records – amazing things are happening right here in Leeds and these are just five examples.

NHS Digital – transforming healthcare in the city

NHS Digital

NHS Digital is the national information and technology partner for the health and social care system. But what does that mean? Well, they’re the reason why you can get your prescription sent straight to the pharmacist and they made it possible for you to choose where and when you have your hospital appointment. Not only are they making your life easier, but they’re saving the NHS millions of pounds every year.

And because their head office is based in Leeds, we benefit first. They’re using the city as a testing ground for their Personalised Health and Care 2020 strategy, which uses data and technology to transform outcomes for patients. That covers everything from freeing up GPs from time-consuming admin duties to integrating care across health and social platforms, so it will impact both patients and healthcare professionals.

Sky – changing perceptions about the tech industry

The tech industry is growing at an exponential rate – but the talent pool isn’t keeping pace. The result? There’s a growing skills gap, not just here in Leeds, but around the world. It has the potential to inhibit growth and hold us back, which is why tech-focused businesses are now going out of their way to drive change.

Sky is one of them. They’ve made it their mission to change perceptions and attract more people into tech. It’s a huge endeavour, which is why they now run a packed calendar of events designed to demystify the industry and capture the attention of people who might not have considered a career in tech. But that’s not all. They also run an outreach programme with local schools and offer free Get into Tech courses for women – because right now, us girls make up just 18% of the workforce.

EMIS – making patient records accessible on the go

EMIS is one of the companies helping to revolutionise the NHS. They pioneered digital GP services, allowing you to book appointments, order prescriptions and view your medical records online, but it’s not just GPs. Their products are used in every area of the NHS, from primary and community care to high street pharmacies, secondary care and speciality services.

After 31 years, they’re still pushing boundaries with products like EMIS Mobile. It’s allowed community teams in Manchester to securely access patients’ records on their tablets, so they can refer back to notes, update records and book appointments on the go. Now they spend less time in the office and more time with patients, making their services more efficient.

cap hpi – driving change in the automotive industry

cap hpi

cap hpi is one of the world’s leading automotive companies – but they don’t make cars. They turn data into an essential tool by creating products that are used around the world – and they do it all from their office in Leeds. In fact, they’ve worked in the same city centre office for the last 40 years.

Although cap hpi is based here in Leeds, it’s part of the Solera family, which means it benefits from the backing, investment and global reach of a much larger business. That, combined with the fact that they work with everyone from vehicle manufacturers and leading automotive retailers to finance giants, insurers and tech disruptors like Carwow and eBay, means they can effectively drive change in the automotive industry.

TPP – turning patient records into a tool to improve health

TPP Hortforth

With an aging population and escalating costs, healthtech is more important now than ever – and as you can probably tell, it’s an area that Leeds is particularly strong in. Alongside NHS Digital and EMIS, TPP also calls Leeds home. Their SystmOne software is used by doctors, hospitals and mental health trusts to integrate patient records, so everything about your physical and mental health is stored in one centralised record.

In a competitive industry like this, innovation is key, which is why they’re already planning the next step – to turn patient records into something you can not only access but also interact with to help you live a healthier life. To do that, they need to hire the brightest, most passionate candidates, so they have an industry-leading graduate programme that helps us to keep talent in Leeds, as well as attracting graduates from the UK’s top universities.

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