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5 of the Best & Most Exciting Tech Businesses to Work For

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Covea Insurance

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Innovative technology, unique challenges and diverse projects – that’s what awaits at these top class companies…

The city’s best and most exciting tech employers will come together at Leeds Digital Job Fair on Thursday 24th October 2019, giving you a chance to explore your options and find out what’s out there. But before you go, we thought you might like a little preview of the world-class technology companies that call the Leeds City Region home. From data giants to innovative agencies, this could be your next move.

The British Library

British Library Herd

Credit: Kippa Matthews

The British Library collects and collates the entire world’s knowledge and makes it available to people across the globe. There are 170 million items in their collection and it’s growing all the time. Not only does every publisher in the UK and Ireland have to deposit an original copy of everything they publish with the British Library, but they also crawl every UK website to create an archive of their content.

This huge undertaking is made possible by technology. From digitalising their collection to building online support, event booking and identity management systems, it’s essential to every service they offer – you even need it to access their physical collections. Behind the scenes, their developers work side-by-side with curators, researchers and academics to bring the collection to life – and their passion is infectious, which brings a new dimension to the job. Add flexitime hours that can earn you up to 20 extra days of holiday a year and a school holiday playscheme that will save you a small fortune, and you’re onto a winner.

cap hpi

cap hpi

cap hpi is a conglomeration of two world-class automotive companies. cap created the UK’s leading used car price guide for dealers and hpi launched Britain’s first-ever vehicle provenance check – they’re both legends in their own right and they both have incredibly powerful datasets, but when you put them together, they’re almost unstoppable. These guys take thousands of feeds of data, process them and turn them into valuable insights used by the entire automotive industry – and they do it right here in Leeds.

They’re agile, they’re keyed into the customer’s needs and they have a ‘test and learn’ culture that drives constant innovation. You can take part in design sprints, working with people from every area of the business to fast-track progress – what normally takes months can be done in just five days and they’ve already had two successful apps come out of their sprints. The sheer diversity of projects you can get involved in here is incredible – you can even take sabbaticals with the wider Solera group. Anyone fancy a stint in Silicon Valley?

The HOME Agency

Home Marketing

Credit: HOME Marketing Ltd

HOME is an integrated strategic marketing agency. They believe that brand value is the sum of all its interactions, so they design experiences, services and products that deliver at every stage. The goal is always the same – drive growth and give a great return on investment, but the journey is different every time – and that’s what makes it such an exciting place to work.

From data and analytics to platform development, search and consumer engagement, they bring it all together to create seamless brand experiences. Innovation is at the heart of everything they do here – they come at every challenge from multiple perspectives, involving all areas of the business to find new ways to solve existing problems, and they have a dedicated function to look at marketing trends, consumer needs and client services to help them stay ahead of the curve.


Covea Insurance

Credit: Jeremy Kelly

Believe it or not, insurance is a forward-thinking, technology-focused industry – and Covéa is right up there with the best of them. They provide commercial, personal and protection insurance to over 2 million people and employ 1,900 people across 8 UK offices, the biggest of which is in Halifax. It’s in a converted mill, kitted out with the latest tech and split into a series of innovative workspaces to encourage creativity and collaboration.

Right now, they’re in the middle of a major digital transformation that will improve and refine the way customers engage with their insurance products – all for the better. They have over 220 technologists working on a range of new and industry-leading digital products, including a new microservices architecture that’s central to delivering their future vision.

Blue Mantis

Blue Mantis

Credit: Blue Mantis

Blue Mantis don’t just build websites, they get right to the heart of what’s holding their clients back and design a solution that will solve the problem. They work with the latest cutting edge technology and build everything from CMS to CRM, all custom-made and bespoke to their clients – it’s a winning approach that has allowed them to double in size in the last year.

The sheer diversity of their work is incredible. They work with FinTech clients to turn data into accurate forecasts, use AI and AWS technology to define career pathways for digital credential experts and even help build people movement analysis systems to help reduce crime and solve environmental challenges. Every job brings a new challenge to keep you on your toes, but you’re all in it together, and you can always blow off steam in the breakout space with their VR and PS4.

Cover image credit: Jeremy Kelly