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Calling All Developers – Take Sky Betting & Gaming for a Test Drive & Earn £500

· Ali Turner · Discussion

Spend a day doing the job you want and earn £500.

Sky Betting and Gaming, Time Back as Cash

At Sky Betting & Gaming, they work hard and play hard. They’re one team and every voice is as important as the CEO. They work with ground breaking technology and tackle the challenges of scale. Why not join them?

Between the interviews and the technology tests, getting a new tech job can be a time vacuum, but Sky Betting & Gaming has a solution.

The tech industry is growing at a rapid pace, and as a result, the demand for software engineers has absolutely skyrocketed. In fact, there are now more jobs than candidates in Leeds and developers are a hot commodity. But even though your skills are in short supply, you still have to jump through hoops to get a job. Or do you?

Sky Betting and Gaming, Time Back as Cash

Credit: Dave Lindsey

Sky Betting & Gaming has just launched ‘Time Back in Cash’, a new initiative designed to take the pain out of applying for a job. They’ve revolutionised the process and removed the barriers, so instead of sweating it out at an interview or toiling away over a technical test, you can spend a day doing the job you’re applying for – and you’ll be paid £500 for your time.

Think about it. The technical test alone can take anything from a few hours to a couple of days, so if you’re applying for multiple jobs, you might as well say goodbye to your social life. And you can never really put your best foot forward when you’re working in isolation – with no one to show you the ropes or bounce ideas off, you’re coding with one arm tied behind your back.

Sky Betting and Gaming, Time Back as Cash

Credit: Dave Lindsey

But here, you’ll be compensated for your time, so although you’ll have to take a day’s holiday, you won’t feel out of pocket. And because you’ll be working in-house, you can do the job as if it’s your first day, with all the help and support you need. Even better, you’ll be working with real people on real projects, so you can see what it’s really like.

Right now, it’s a pilot project, but if you sign up below, we’ll send you an exclusive invitation to apply. Once you’ve done that, expect a phone call. They’ll need to find out a little more about you and check your tech creds, but it’s really just a quick call to tick some boxes. Then you just need to arrange to go in, on a date that suits you.

Sky Betting and Gaming, Time Back as Cash

Credit: Ben Buffone and Wiser

The day will start like any other, with a nice cup of tea and a stand-up meeting – once the tickets are doled out, you’ll be assigned a partner and set to work on a day of paired programming. At lunch, everyone will down tools for a big team feed, so you can get to know the people you’re working with, then it’s back to coding before the big office tour.

And when you get back to your desk, it’s the moment of truth – you’ll find out if you’ve got the job there and then. No waiting, no messing around. And the decision isn’t just based on your work – your personality and your work ethic are just as important, so this is your chance to show them the real you.

Cover image credit: Ben Buffone and Wiser