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Find Out What It’s Really Like to Work at One of Yorkshire’s Only Unicorn Tech Businesses at This One-off Event

· Ali Turner · Discussion

Go behind the scenes at Sky Betting & Gaming to see if you have a future in tech.


Ever considered a career in tech? Now’s the time to do it, because Sky Betting & Gaming are opening up their office to show you what it’s really like. Meet the team, find out what you could do and network over drinks. Reserve your free place now.

Every year, more and more tech vacancies open up – and there aren’t enough people to fill them. So Sky Betting & Gaming are taking matters into their own hands.

The tech industry in Leeds is growing at a rapid pace – but right now, there are more vacancies than candidates, which is why Sky Betting & Gaming are going to open up their offices on Tuesday 13th February 2018 to show you what it’s really like to work for a unicorn tech business. Whether you’ve just graduated or you want to make a move into one of the fastest growing sectors in the UK, this is your chance to go behind the scenes and see if it’s for you.

Curious about tech? See it from the inside…

#ConsiderCoding will demystify the tech industry and show you what it’s really like to work at a unicorn tech business. And if you’re wondering what on earth that is, it’s simple – a unicorn tech company is a start-up that’s valued at over £1 billion. There are only two of them in Yorkshire, and Sky Betting & Gaming is one of them. They’ve gone from 500 employees to 1,500 in the last 3 years alone – and they’re now one of the top 3 online betting and gaming companies in the UK.

Their entire business revolves around tech, so they’re constantly looking for bright, talented people to join their team – but while their reputation may precede them, it’s not always as easy to fill their vacancies as you might think. Why? Because there’s a skills shortage, not just here in Leeds, but around the world. Every year, digital becomes more and more essential to our everyday lives, and every year, more and more traditional roles are made obsolete by technology. Here in Leeds, there are 10% more digital vacancies than there were last year – which is why Sky Betting & Gaming are trying to open people’s eyes to the industry’s potential.

“As an organisation, we’re very aware of the fact that there is a skills shortage in the industry, so we want to encourage more people to consider careers in technology,” Georgina Adams, People Operations Manager & Software Academy Manager at Sky Betting & Gaming told us. “One of the best ways to do that is by demystifying what really happens in the industry – we’re trying to break down old school perceptions of coding. We’ve obviously seen a major shift in Leeds towards the digital sector, and we want to be at the forefront of that by inspiring more people to choose a career in tech.”

So what’s the deal with #ConsiderCoding?

Okay, well the first thing you need to know is that you don’t have to be a geek or a digital buff. In fact, you don’t need any experience at all – that’s the whole point. It’s an introduction, a chance to go behind the scenes and see what it’s like. No strings, no obligation – just a taster. And if you do like it, you could even get your foot in the door, because they’re launching their Tech Academy in April.

It’s a 6-week bootcamp designed to teach you everything you need to know to become a Junior DevOps Engineer. You’ll need some experience of Linux, Systems Administration or Tech Support, but once you’re in, you’ll be trained by their market-leading engineers and you’ll continue to get support long after you’ve finished the course, with weekly clubs that let you focus on your specific learning needs.

But let’s not get ahead of ourselves – you don’t even know if you’ll like it yet and that’s what #ConsiderCoding is all about. The event starts at 6pm, so you can head over after work, and it’s going to be a really informal affair. You’ll start with drinks and nibbles before the intro presentation – and then you’ll be split into groups and paired with one of their squads.

They don’t have departments at Sky Betting & Gaming, they have tribes. They can be pretty big, but they all work towards the same goal, under the same leader. Within each tribe, there are squads. They’re smaller, they work autonomously and they bring together people with different skill sets. We’re talking software engineers, test engineers and DevOps engineers, as well as a product owner – it’s a very collaborative approach, and one you’ll find is common in the tech industry.

There will be four squads at #ConsiderCoding and you’ll get to meet them all. This is your chance to see the whole picture because they all work on completely different things. You’ve got the Trading Models Squad, they’re in charge of turning information into odds, and the Customer Integration Squad, who are responsible for communicating event updates to customers and the entire Bet Tribe. Then there are the Sky Vegas and Sky Bingo Squads, both of which are focused on offering customers the quickest and most reliable service, using the latest tech to do it.

At the end of the event, you’ll have the chance to network with the team and ask questions in a one-to-one setting, so you can find out if a career in digital is really for you. You can even find out more about their Tech Academy.

Interested? Tickets are limited, reserve your free place today

#ConsiderCoding is your chance to lift the veil on the tech industry – and it’s absolutely free. However, tickets are limited and they’re likely to go fast. So if you’re interested in a career in digital and you want to find out more about it, reserve your place now.