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High Winds See Bridgewater Place Junction Close Again

· Ali Turner · Discussion

On the last day of work before the Christmas holidays finally kick in, Bridgewater Place has been closed due to high winds.

Bridgewater Place Leeds

The Bridgewater Place junction is set to close again at 3pm today, just in time for rush hour.

Commuting through Leeds tonight will be that little bit more difficult as the Bridgewater Place junction is set to close again from 3pm on Friday 23rd December 2016 and re-directs will be in place. The city’s highest building hit the headlines in 2013 when high winds overturned a lorry, killing a man. Plans to rectify the ‘wind tunnel’ the building creates have now been approved, but in the meantime, the safest option is to close the roads.

Bridgewater Place

The junction, which sees Water Lane, Victoria Road and Neville Street meet, will be out of action from 3pm, so if you’re unlucky enough to be in work today, or perhaps out doing a spot of last minute shopping, you can expect your journey home tonight to take longer than usual.

Pedestrians will also be affected, as the Bridgewater Place junction will be closed to the public as well as vehicles. So even if you’re walking home from work, you may need to take a detour. Fingers crossed it’ll be open again soon, but the exact time will depend on when the high winds die down.

“We will be re-programming traffic lights to help reduce disruption and road users will be alerted by warning signs.” A council spokesman told us, “Unfortunately delays are inevitable and we hope people will understand that safety has to come first. The junction will re-open once the wind reduces to an acceptable level.”

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