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Sky Returners

Taken a career break? Ready to get back into the tech industry? Join Sky on Thursday 8th August 2019 as they launch their new Returners Programme to help ease developers back into the workplace. Book now.

Whether you took time out to start a family or stepped away to care for a loved one, this is your chance to get back to the job you love.

Life happens and sometimes that means you have to put your career on hold, but getting back into work isn’t always easy, especially if you’re a software developer. The tech industry changes so fast that any break, even for just a couple of years, can affect your employability, but Sky has a cunning plan to help you turn it around and fast track your way to success.

Leeds Returners

Sky already has an academy for new starters, but they don’t just need juniors. With the skills gap growing, midweight and senior developers are just as important and even more difficult to find, so they’ve launched a new Returners Programme to help developers who’ve taken a break refresh their skills and get back into work.

You won’t have to start from scratch. At Sky, they understand that taking a break doesn’t take away from your experience. You’ve already got the soft skills, you know how to communicate and how to collaborate, so once you’ve brushed up your coding and built up your confidence, you can pick up where you left off. And that’s what the Returners Programme is all about.

Sky Returners

The 4-week training programme will reintroduce you to the fundamentals of software development, covering everything from Java to DevOps. You’ll be part of a small group of recruits, and because everyone’s in the same boat, it’s less intimidating than just stepping back into the workplace. It’s totally free, you’ll meet people from all over the company and at the end of the placement, you’ll be in a great position to apply for a job.

Interested? You can find out more at the launch of the Returners Programme on Thursday 8th August 2019. They’re taking over Iberica for a night of talks, tapas and drinks, as their experts introduce you to the programme, how it works and what it’s like to work for a big company like Sky (trust us, it’s a lot more chilled out than you’d think).

Sky Returners

The event will kick off with an introduction from Renee Hunt, Director of Digital at Sky. Not only will she tell you about the programme, but she’ll also give you a unique insight into what they do at their Leeds Dock office. Afterwards, Francesca Nicholson, Lead Recruitment Partner at Sky, will let you in on the secret to Sky’s unique culture and show you that you can still have a great work-life balance.

Next up is Nima Baniamer. By day, he’s a Product Owner for Sky Community, but he also co-chairs LGBT+@Sky, one of their many networks designed to bring people together. He’ll talk inclusivity and explain why you can be yourself at Sky, whether you’re a die-hard Game of Thrones fan, a fashion fanatic or a proud mum of three.

Sky Returners

Don’t worry, it’s not long or laborious – all this happens in just 45 minutes, then it’s on to the networking. This is your chance to meet everyone who’s spoken at the event, alongside Sky’s tech experts, mental health first aiders and your fellow career breakers. They’re also going to have two returners on-hand to tell you what it’s like to go back to work after an extended break.

While you chat, you can try Iberica’s famous Spanish tapas and enjoy a drink or two. They’ll have wine, beer and soft drinks, so there’s a little something for everyone. And if you can tear yourself away from the conversation, you can make the most of their CV Checker, where Francesca will give you one-to-one advice to help you improve your CV and put your best foot forward.

Hurry, there’s limited availability, so book your place now

This the perfect way to ease back into a tech career. You can find out more about the programme, see what Sky is like and meet the people you’d be working with, but you’ll have to be quick because there’s only limited availability. It’s just two hours of your evening, so join us at Iberica from 6pm on Thursday 8th August 2019.