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The New Web App Making it Easier to Find Jobs in the Hospitality Sector

· Ali Turner · Discussion

Introducing the city’s new online hospitality hub.

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Werks is the new way to find work in the hospitality sector. Build a profile, follow your favourite businesses and find jobs that meet your personal criteria, then apply in minutes – it couldn’t be easier. Sign up now...

From mixologists to pastry chefs, Werks is bringing the hospitality sector together to make recruitment easier.

For the city’s independent bars and restaurants, recruitment can be a struggle. Finding the right person when you’re a man down is a challenge in itself, but when you’re looking for someone to work outside the usual 9-5, it gets even more complicated. Conventional job sites simply don’t cut it, so two tech-savvy Leeds entrepreneurs stepped in to build a new web app that would.

Werks is the solution hospitality businesses have been looking for

North Brewing Co.

Credit: Chapter 81

The brainchild of Justin Taundi and Chris Marshall, Werks has been built in collaboration with the businesses who will use it. The idea, believe it or not, came from social media – they kept seeing vacancies from their favourite eateries popping up in their news feed, and it made them wonder if there wasn’t a better way to find new staff, so they contacted local businesses and began to build a picture of the problems they were facing. What they discovered surprised them – in a digital age, most restaurants and bars were forced to manage recruitment on paper.

Applications clogged up email inboxes used for orders, invoices and bookings, but because people still dropped off their CVs in person, they had to collate everything offline. Worse, half the applicants weren’t right for the role – even if they looked good on paper and interviewed well, that didn’t mean they were available when the work was, so businesses often had to start the process all over again when they thought they’d found the perfect candidate.

That’s the problem Taundi and Marshall set out to solve. “I bought this boiler, one of the most boring purchases ever, through an app. The process was so seamless that I just logged in, got all the information and booked a boiler fitting right there and then. This process that’s usually really tedious and time-consuming was actually really easy – that’s what we’ve tried to do here,” Taundi explained.

What it is and how it works

North Brewing Co.

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Think of it like a dating app. You set up a profile, add all your vital statistics (which in this case includes everything from your experience and training to the hours you want to work and the areas you’re interested in), then put it live. As more people join, they’ll build up a hospitality community giving businesses instant access to the talent pool, but it’s much more than that.

Werks has been designed to take the pain out of recruitment, so every bit of information you give them will be put to good use. They’ve created a sophisticated algorithm that scores applicants based on their suitability, so businesses can see in an instant whether candidates are a good fit. No more sifting through CVs, no more seeing dream applicants who can’t do the morning shift you’re recruiting for.

And it’s all in one place. As a candidate, you can view the latest job ads, apply online or follow your favourite businesses. You’ll get notifications whenever a job matching your profile comes up, so you’ll never miss an opportunity. As a business, you can search the entire database, post an ad detailing exactly what you want and manage all your applications directly through the app. Werks will automatically notify everyone who meets your criteria or you can contact them through their instant messaging service.

All that, and it’s free to sign up

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Businesses can sign up for free – it’s free to create a profile, you can even post free ads, but they also offer a range of additional services that will help you amplify the effects of your recruitment activity.

For £39.99, you can get a 4-week ad, promoted on their social channels. Up the price to £59.99 and they’ll push it even harder on social. None of these options come with search, so if you want access to their entire database of applicants to supercharge your recruitment efforts, you’ll need monthly membership for £69.99 or annual membership for £399 – the latter includes unlimited ads with their mid-wave amplification.

And for applicants? Everything is free – just set up your profile and you can start applying for jobs straight away. And though Werks has only just launched, they’ve already got a surprising number of businesses on board, because they’ve been working with them every step of the way. The result? Oodles of jobs just waiting to be snatched up.

Header image credit: Chapter 81