The Best & Most Finger-Lickingly Good Chips in Leeds

· Ali Turner · Eating Out

Craving chips? Crave no more!

Session Fries at Patty Smith's, Belgrave Music Hall

Sweet, carby goodness! Come and get your chip fix, freshly fried and ready to eat!

Thick cut, thin cut, skin on or skin off. Sweet potato, okra and just classic spuds. This is the ultimate list of the best chips in Leeds, a veritable to-do list of mmm-inducing eats that will make you wonder why you ever needed a main. Start at the top, work your way through, then come back and let us know which you loved most because there is a lot to love here and you have a delicious adventure ahead of you.

3x Cooked Chips at Owt

Owt Chips

Their menu may be ever-changing, but one dish on the Owt menu has stood the test of time – their 3x cooked chips. They may only be a side, but these little skin-on beauties are right up there with the best chips in Leeds and worth a visit in their own right. First, they’re blanched to soften the potato, then they’re fried for six minutes to soak up the oil, and finally, they’re fried again to create that famous soft-in-the-middle-crunchy-on-the-outside texture. Tossed in their secret salt mix, they’re the last word in chips.

Owt, Leeds Corn Exchange, Call Lane, Leeds, West Yorkshire, LS1 7BR.

Session Fries at Patty’s

Session Fries at Patty Smith's, Belgrave Music Hall

Credit: Tom Joy

The Session Fries at Patty’s sit high on our list of the best chips in Leeds – and with good reason. They’re a savoury sensation. The chips themselves are skin-on and twice cooked, tasty on their own but made even better by an epic combination of toppings. The salty tang of smoked pancetta is offset by the heat of pickled chillies and nutty twang of pecorino. Fried rosemary, rosemary sea salt and a mighty generous slathering of sriracha mayo seal the deal and make mess work of bar snacking.

Patty’s, Belgrave Music Hall, 1-1a Cross Belgrave Street, Leeds, West Yorkshire, LS2 8JP.

Okra Fries at Bundobust

Okra fries at Bundobust

Credit: Giles Smith

Does a chip have to be made with potatoes? We say no. Because if we were to adhere to those old fashioned rules, we wouldn’t be able to include the oh-so-delectable okra fries at Bundobust. Ladies’ fingers, as they’re otherwise known, are actually seed pods and they’re packed with nutrients. Here, they’re coated in crispy chickpea batter and deep-fried, before adding a delicious dusting of black salt & mango powder. The result is an alternative chip, crispy on the outside and wonderfully moist on the inside. Delish!

Bundobust, 6 Mill Hill, Leeds, West Yorkshire, LS1 5DQ.

Garlic Salt Fries at Little Bao Boy

Little Bao Boy, Garlic Salt Fries

Sometimes, the simple things in life are the best and that’s certainly the case here. Little Bao Boy don’t load their garlic salt fries with toppings, they don’t smother them with sauces or even double cook them, they simply season them to perfection. These are thin-cut crispy fries with just enough bite, the perfect pairing for a bao bun or a portion of dumplings. Fresh out of the frier, while they still hold a sticky coating of oil, they’re dusted with garlic salt, enough to add an epic hit of flavour and keep the vampires away.

Little Bao Boy, 3 Sovereign Square, Sovereign Street, Leeds, West Yorkshire, LS1 4BA and Springwell, Buslingthorpe Lane, Leeds, West Yorkshire, LS7 2DF.

Bacon Bacon Fries at Almost Famous

Bacon Bacon Fries, Almost Famous

Everything at Almost Famous is deliciously over-the-top, including their fries. They’re some of the best in Leeds, deep-fried to crispy perfection and turned into a wicked indulgence that will get your evening off to a rip-roaring start. The first thing you need to know about Bacon Bacon Fries is that the base is made with skin-on white and sweet potato fries, all mixed together to give you a different combo with every forkful. They’re covered with bacon-infused mayo and crunchy bacon pieces to up the ante on the texture.

Almost Famous, Alexander Court, Great George Street, Leeds, West Yorkshire, LS1 3AL.

15 Hour Chips at Don’t Feed the Dog

Dont Feed The Dog 15 Hour Chips

What’s that? 15 hours? A slow-cooked chip, ya say? It’s a culinary mystery that can only be solved by heading to Don’t Feed the Dog in Roland’s. They may be known for their sandwiches, but they take sides very seriously indeed and their 15-hour chips are the proof. Wafer-thin layers of potato, are pressed with butter, slow-cooked to soft-in-the-middle perfection and crisped on the outside for that distinctive chip crunch. It’s a lesson in chip-making bliss, taken to the next level with a sage salsa verde dip. One more round, sir!

Don’t Feed the Dog, Roland’s, 39 Call Lane, Leeds, West Yorkshire, LS1 7BT.

Chick’n Parm Teller at Döner Summer

Donor Summer

© Copyright Leeds-List 2022 by Ellie Hodgson

Picture this – a tray full of skin-on fries, crisp as you like and tasty too. But at Döner Summer, that’s just the beginning, because their tellers are topped with all kinds of scrumptiousness. In the case of the Chick’n Parm, it’s 100% vegan buttermylk fried chick’n with pink cabbage, vegan hard cheese and pickles. They add a generous squeeze of garlic parsley butter, Philly cheeze sauce, dill mayo and tomato relish before finishing with a scattering of spring onion. The result? Messy brilliance that will set your mouth on fire.

Döner Summer, 10-12 Call Lane, Leeds, West Yorkshire, LS1 6DN.

Chippy Chips at The Fisherman’s Wife

Fisherman's Wife

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No list of the best chips in Leeds would be complete without a good old, generously sized portion of chippy chips – and here they are. The Fisherman’s Wife has been frying chips since 1960, when Jackson and May Reed-Stephenson bought a fish and chip shop in Halton. These days, their Leeds shop is based in the food hall at Kirkgate Market. Their freshly cut, plump-as-you-like chips are just as good as any seaside chippy – just add a sprinkling of salt and lashings of vinegar to sate your craving fork-by-fork.

The Fisherman’s Wife, 12-14 George Street, Leeds Kirkgate Market, Leeds, West Yorkshire, LS2 7HY.

Truffle Fries at Meat:Stack

Meat Stack Truffle Fries

Sweet simplicity. Meat:Stack may be famous for its burgers, but right now, we’re more concerned with their chips. They’re skin-on fries, cooked in beef dripping to add a big dollop of flavour before you even get onto the toppings or seasoning, of which there are many. You can keep it light or go full on filthy, but if you want our advice, the truffle fries are the way to go. They’re doused in truffle oil and sprinkled with parmesan to create the posh cheesy chips you’ve been dreaming off. Dig in and don’t look back!

Meat:Stack, 3 Bishopgate Street, Leeds, West Yorkshire, LS1 5DY.