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11 Things You Have to Eat This Year

· Katie Wells · Food and Drink

This is your culinary checklist for 2020.

Banyan Duck and Watermelon Salad

Make sure you feast on all these scrumptious dishes in the new year.

Leeds is a foodie’s heaven. There are loads of delectable dishes across the city, but what should be at the top of your list to snaffle in 2020? To give you a hand, we’ve rounded up 11 must-eats for the new year. There’s everything from heaving Yorkshire pudding burgers to belly-busting Thali platters, so what are you waiting for? Start working your way through these marvellous culinary creations.

Bandeja Paisa at Kanassa


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Forget your boring breakfast and kickstart your day with Kanassa’s Bandeja Paisa, a Colombian take on the classic full English. Otherwise known as the ‘Gut Buster’, it’s a huge brunch plate that’s bursting with bold South American flavours. Expect chipotle-spiced black beans sitting next to irresistibly sweet sticky-fried plantain, manchego-stuffed arepas and a runny fried egg with a golden yolk. Add a big dollop of pineapple slaw, guacamole and salsa for a filling feed that’ll get your tastebuds well and truly tingling.

Kanassa, Leeds Kirkgate Market, 34 George Street, Leeds, West Yorkshire, LS2 7HY.

Pork Belly at Fettle

Fettle Winter

Credit: Kamil Wangin

A fine dining take on a classic dish, the Pork Belly on Fettle’s new evening menu is a must-try. You’ll get two strips of pork, slow roasted ’til the skin is crisp and golden with melt-in-the-mouth meat beneath. It comes with two inventive accompaniments on the plate – crunchy rind popcorn and smooth rosemary fudge. The latter really elevates the dish to new heights, adding a sticky sweetness that balances out the meaty goodness. With so many delicious flavours and textures in each mouthful, it’s a real winner.

Fettle, 73 Great George Street, Leeds, West Yorkshire, LS1 3BR.

Galaxy Donut at Temple

Temple Coffee and Donuts

Temple have mastered the art of the perfect donut and the Galaxy is their signature bake. It’s a classic ring donut made with all-vegan ingredients and deep fried until it’s delightfully fluffy on the inside and golden on the outside. It’s then topped with an eye-catching vanilla glaze that’s been swirled with blue and purple food dyes to create a cool galaxy effect. Soft, sweet and totally instagrammable, it’s a hugely popular treat. In fact, people are often queuing out the door to get their hands on one, so get down there early.

Temple Coffee & Donuts, 3 Burley Place, Leeds, West Yorkshire, LS4 2AR.

Cochin Konju Roast at Tharavadu


Seafood lovers, this one’s for you. Tharavadu’s Cochin Konju Roast is an aromatic prawn dish that’s traditionally enjoyed with a tipple or two at family celebrations in South-west India. You’ll get three grilled tiger prawns that have been lightly sautéed in a zesty lemon sauce. Each comes with the shell-on, so don’t be shy, dive straight in and crack them open to snaffle the succulent prawn meat inside. Slathered in the chef’s special recipe sauce, they’ve got an irresistible kick that’ll keep you coming back for more.

Tharavadu, 7-8 Mill Hill, Leeds, West Yorkshire, LS1 5DQ.

Chinese Takeaway Burger at Yard & Coop

Yard & Coop

Credit: Will Stanley Film & Photography

If you think a Chinese takeaway can’t get any better, think again. Yard & Coop have taken all your take-out favourites, added their finger lickin’ fried chicken, and loaded it into a brioche bun. It’s a deliciously dirty marriage that brings together a combo of salt & pepper fried chicken and pulled chicken, drenched in chip shop-style curry sauce. It’s then piled high with crispy seaweed, onions, chilli, peppers and lettuce. You’ll even get a deep-fried wonton and a fortune cookie – a Chinese wouldn’t be complete without them, after all.

Yard & Coop, 6-8 Merrion Street, Leeds, West Yorkshire, LS1 6PQ.

The Chicken One at Holy Ramen

Holy Ramen

Holy Ramen is a street food stall in Assembly Underground run by former fine dining chef Harry Johns, so you best believe his ‘soul-in-a-bowl’ ramen is some of the best in the city. The Chicken One brings together juicy chicken pieces and ramen noodles in a spiced broth that’s simmered for 24-hours to unleash all its flavour. Add in freshly prepped oriental veggies like pak choi, spring onions and beansprouts for a warming, protein-packed noodle soup. Tempted? Snap your chopsticks and get slurping.

Holy Ramen, Assembly Underground, 12 Great George St, Leeds, LS1 3AL.

Roast Dinner at The Brunswick

The Brunswick Roast

Credit: Nick Porter

Slow-cooked meat, crispy roast potatoes and lashings of rich gravy, you just can’t beat a roast dinner and The Brunswick whip up one of the best in town. A tricky choice awaits. Will you go for the tender beef topside? Or will the chicken supreme, pork belly and lamb rump tempt you away? Whatever you go for, the plate will come heaped high with traditional trimmings. Expect fluffy roasties, butter-glazed carrots and sweetheart cabbage, topped off with a homemade Yorkshire pud. You’ll even get a miniature Bloody Mary to guzzle down with it.

The Brunswick, 82 North Street, Leeds, West Yorkshire, LS2 7PN.

Duck and Watermelon Salad at Banyan

Banyan Duck and Watermelon Salad

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Sweet, salty and with just the right amount of crunch, Banyan’s Duck and Watermelon Salad proves that eating healthy can be seriously scrumptious. They pile shredded fried duck on a crisp, fresh bed of pak choi and spring onions, adding juicy chunks of watermelon for a fruity twist. Dig into the leaves and you’ll also find a sprinkling of toasted cashews and pomegranate seeds, the latter of which gives a surprising burst of sweetness to every mouthful. A drizzle of sticky soy and honey dressing tops off this delectable bowl.

Banyan, Toronto Square, 2 City Square, Leeds, West Yorkshire, LS1 2ES.

Roast Chicken Doner at I Am Doner

I Am Doner

Who says doner kebabs have to be a drunken guilty pleasure? I Am Doner have revamped the humble kebab, using only the best meats and the freshest veg to create a high-quality wrap. Their Roast Chicken Doner is particularly delicious. You’ll get a freshly baked flatbread loaded with succulent pieces of spit-roast chicken. They throw on all manner of colourful salads, Mediterranean veg and creamy feta cheese, before it’s topped off with lashings of their homemade chilli, mint and garlic sauces.

I Am Doner, 23 Otley Road, Leeds, West Yorkshire, LS6 3AA.

Yorkshire Pudding Burger at Wapentake

Wapentake Yorkshire Pudding Burger

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You can sink your teeth into a Yorkshire Pudding Burger at Wapentake. That’s right, they’ve given the classic burger a real Yorkshire twist, swapping out boring buns for huge, fluffy Yorkie puds. You can get yours stuffed with either beef or chicken, followed by a pile of gammon and a big dollop of onion chutney. Drenched in gravy and with chunky potato wedges on the side, it makes for an almighty feast. Vegan? you don’t have to miss out because you can get all the same deliciousness made with meat and dairy-free alternatives.

Wapentake, 92 Kirkgate, Leeds, West Yorkshire, LS2 7DJ.

Mega Thali at Jah Jyot

10 slow-cooked Punjabi curries, cumin infused rice, succulent chicken lollipops, crispy samosas, sides, sauces and more. That’s what’s on offer if you go for the Mega Thali at Jah Jyot. This huge platter gives you the chance to dip into the chef’s best dishes. The curries are the main event and there’s a wide array for you to try, from Masala Fish to Aloo Saag, each one packed full of authentic Indian flavours and spices. It’s a must-try for all curry lovers, but they only offer it a few times a year so you’ll need to keep your eyes peeled.

Jah Jyot, Assembly Underground, 12 Great George Street, Leeds, West Yorkshire, LS1 3AL.

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