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3 Delicious Lunches Delivered to Your Door

· Emma Cooke · Food and Drink

Treat yourself with a takeaway for lunch.

Absurd Bird

Liven up your lunchtime by ordering in – after all, it’s just a click away!

If you’re bored of your lockdown lunches, why not order in? Loads of places are doing deliveries, so you’re spoilt for choice. To make life easier, we’ve rounded up three must-try lunches. From bulging middle-eastern wraps to jam-packed bento boxes and indulgent fried chicken, there’s so much deliciousness at your fingertips that it would be rude not to.

Shawarma Wraps from Falafel Guys

The Falafel Guys

Full to the brim with Middle Eastern tastiness, the Falafel Guys have their wraps down to a tee. They begin with lashings of hummus and fresh salad, like shredded lettuce, diced onion and lime chilli pickles, before moving onto the main event. You can mix and match falafel, halloumi and chicken shawarma, then it’s just a case of drizzling on tahini, aioli and hot sauce.

You can order the Falafel, Halloumi and Chicken Shawarma Wraps on Deliveroo and Uber Eats.

Teriyaki Beef Bento Box from Senbon Sakura

Beef Teriyaki Bento Box, Senbon Sakura

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You can swap your mundane lunches for a killer Japanese bento box. It comes packed with vegetable tempura, white rice, a mixed salad and a bowl of miso soup, but that’s not all. You’ll also get a great big pile of beef teriyaki – they slow-cook it in their signature sweet and salty sauce until it’s wonderfully tangy, then sprinkle fresh spring onions on top.

You can order the Teriyaki Beef Bento Box on Deliveroo, Uber Eats and Just Eat.

AB Traditional from Absurd Bird

Absurd Bird

If you’re craving deep fried goodness, Absurd Bird’s AB Traditional is an absolute must. It’s their staple dish and it starts with a bed of thick American-style waffles. They deep fry chunks of chicken until they’re golden and crispy, then load them on top with lashings of gravy and maple syrup. A marriage between sweet and savoury, it’s a must-try.

You can order the AB Traditional on Uber Eats.