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3 Quick, Tasty & Totally Unique Lunches in Leeds

· Katie Wells · Food and Drink

Your next lunch just got interesting.

Little Bao Boy

Lunch in Leeds never has to be boring again when you can tuck into these delectable dishes.

It’s time to say goodbye to sad old sarnies and liven up your lunch hour with these three dishes. You can feast on pizza pockets that are 100% vegan, tuck into naan rolls bursting with Indian spices and snaffle sweet chilli prawns in soft bao buns. Each one makes for a quick and easy lunch that’s deliciously different from your usual fare. So next time the midday pangs of hunger strike, treat yourself to one of these tasty bites instead.

Papa Knave’s Pizza Pocket at Knave’s Kitchen

Knaves Kitchen Pizza Pocket

Have you tried the vegan pizza pockets from Knave’s Kitchen yet? These bulging bites are packed with inventive fillings that change on a weekly basis. The Meatless Meat Feast is a particular favourite that brings together seitan versions of chorizo, chicken and mince, all smothered in rich tomato sauce. They load the filling onto fresh dough, fold it up and deep-fry it ’til it’s golden. Dunk yours in their dairy-free ranch or pizza sauce for an extra flavour hit.

Knave’s Kitchen, Oporto, 33 Call Lane, Leeds, West Yorkshire, LS1 7BT.

Chilli Paneer Wrap at Manjit’s Kitchen

Chilli Paneer Wrap, Manjit's Kitchen

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You can add a little Indian fire to your lunch with Manjit’s Chilli Paneer Wrap. Your naan will be loaded up with chunks of soft, creamy paneer, marinated in a lip-smacking blend of spices. They throw on crunchy veggies like shredded carrot, red cabbage and pepper, before finishing off the heaving naan with fiery chilli sauce and cooling raita. It’s all squeezed into a neat wrap, perfect for you to snaffle on the go or devour there and then.

Manjit’s Kitchen, Kirkgate Market, 34 George Street, Leeds, West Yorkshire, LS2 7HY.

The Battered Prawn Bao at Little Bao Boy

Little Bao Boy

Soft, doughy and packed full of tantalising Asian flavours, Little Bao Boy’s buns are simply irresistible and the Battered Prawn is a must-try. They deep-fry prawns in a batter flavoured with togarashi – it’s a Japanese spice blend of red chilli, orange peel, pepper, ginger and seaweed. It adds a fiery kick to the crisp prawns that are balanced with refreshing slices of cucumber and a drizzling of sweet chilli sauce.

Little Bao Boy, North Brewing Co. Leeds City Tap, 3 Sovereign Square, Sovereign Street, Leeds, West Yorkshire, LS1 4BA.