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5 Epic Burgers That Taste Just As Good at Home

· Ali Turner · Food and Drink

Missing your favourite burger bar? Get it delivered…

Slap and Pickle, The Whole Nine Yards

From all-American cheeseburgers to epic veggie burgers, you can have it all at home.

Filled to bursting, packed with juicy patties and loaded with all manner of weird and wonderful toppings, these burgers are well worth going out for. But in the midst of lockdown, what you really need to know, is do they hold their own when they’re the delivered to your door – and the answer is a resounding yes. So get ‘em ordered and get stuck in.

The Classic Beer Burger from The Brunswick

If like your burgers simple, The Brunswick will win you over in a heartbeat. They take a seeded potato brioche and pile it high, but only with the most essential ingredients. Two smashed beef patties, Emmental and Monterey Jack find perfect balance with burger sauce and pickles. It’s the very essence of the American burger and we love it. Order on Deliveroo.

The BBQ Boi from Punk

It may be 100% vegan, but this loaded burger is every bit as juicy and delicious as the real thing. Their plant-based beef burger is smothered in cheeze, loaded with creamy slaw and topped with crispy meat-free bacon. It’s stuffed inside their signature charcoal brioche bun, with a mammoth onion ring and a good old squeeze of BBQ sauce. Order on Uber Eats.

The Extra Yard from Slap & Pickle

Burgers don’t get bigger or badder than this. The Extra Yard is an absolute beast. Two 6oz 40-day dry-aged cheeseburgers make the base, but that’s just the beginning. They load on American cheese and smoked bacon, heap on onion rings and pickled, top it all with jalapeños and roquiti chillies, then douse it in a trio of tongue-tingling sauces. Order on Uber Eats.

The Hot Chick Burger from Growlers

Beef isn’t the only burger on the menu, in fact, this finger-lickin’ chicken will give even the meatiest hamburger a run for its money. It starts with a duo of marinated buttermilk fried chicken fillets, crisp on the outside and oh-so-juicy on the inside. Add coleslaw, gherkins and jalapeños, load on mayo and hot sauce, then wrap it all up in a brioche. Order online.

The Chilli Cheeseburger from Bad Boy Burgers

If you like your burgers down and dirty, you need a bit of Bad Boy in your life, more specifically, you need The Chilli Cheese Burger. Their homemade patty comes smothered in beef chilli, which means it’s just as sloppy and delicious as you dreamed it’d be. Bacon, Monterey Jack cheese and fried onion sprinkles act as the cherry on the top of a near-perfect burger. Order online.