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5 Incredible Dishes You Need to Try if You Love Noodles

· Joseph Sheerin · Food and Drink

Go all out for noodles with these five incredible dishes.

Senbon Sakura

From Vietnamese pho to Japanese noodle soups, if you’re addicted to noodles, these five delicious dishes are absolute must-tries.

Leeds has an abundance of quality Asian restaurants and they all do a selection of great noodle dishes. You can explore all corners of the continent, whether you’re tucking into Beef Pho from Vietnam, Tonkatsu Ramen from Japan or Pad Kee Mow from Thailand. These five dishes really set the bar, so what are you waiting for? It’s time to try them all out…

Zaap’s Pad Thai

Pad Thai at Zaap

You can’t go wrong with Pad Thai, so if you really want a big helping of noodles to blow you away, make a beeline for Zaap. The restaurant is a spectacle in itself, so take a seat in one of their converted tuk tuks and wait for this giant plate to arrive. You’ll get a mountain of rice stick noodles cooked in their signature marinade of fish sauce, palm sugar and tamarind paste. Mixed up with eggs, shallots, chives, bean sprouts, coriander, peanuts and your choice of chicken or prawns, it’s an absolute winner. Don’t forget to drizzle lime juice on top, too.

Zaap Thai, 22 Grand Arcade, Leeds, West Yorkshire, LS1 6PG.

Issho’s Tonkatsu Ramen

Tonkatsu Ramen at Issho

Issho serves the very best in Japanese cuisine, which means it’s a dab hand at noodles. The dish you have to try is the Tonkatsu Ramen, a massive bowl of pork and chicken broth which they make by boiling a pan of pork bones for two days. Topped off with deep-fried pork and a wonderfully runny egg, it’s a must try – it’s only available on Mondays in the Kori Bar to ensure freshness, so book a date in the diary.

Issho, 3rd Floor Rooftop, Victoria Gate, Leeds, West Yorkshire, LS2 7AU.

Banh & Mee’s Beef Pho

Beef pho at Banh & Mee

Go straight to the back of Kirkgate Market for this one. Banh & Mee has won a legion of fans since setting up shop here, with its Vietnamese street kitchen bringing a taste of South East Asia to the famous landmark. One of the highlights is their Beef Pho. It’s a clean, tasty and warming bowl of soup that’s jam-packed with rice noodles and tender cuts of beef – it’s bound to go down a storm.

Banh & Mee, Kirkgate Market, Vicar Lane, Leeds, West Yorkshire, LS2 7HY.

My Thai’s Pad Kee Mow

If you like your noodles with a kick, My Thai has a treat in store for you. Their Pad Kee Mow is a huge bowl of egg noodles cooked with carrots, onions, basil and a meat of your choice. It’s hot, but not without reason, they’ve created a melting pot of flavours that will explode in your mouth, so yes, it might blow your head off if you’re not used to the spice, but it’s so damned tasty, you’ll still go back for more.

My Thai, 26 York Place, Leeds, West Yorkshire, LS1 2EY and 43 Wade Lane, Leeds, West Yorkshire, LS2 8NJ.

Senbon Sakura’s Noodle Soup

Senbon Sakura

This unassuming eatery is the definition of substance over style, with huge portions of delicious Japanese food. When it comes to noodles, their soups stand out – they make their own pork bone broth which you can couple with udon, buck soba or ramen noodles. Top it with grilled chicken, roast pork, mussels, king prawn or salmon for an incredibly filling (and affordable) meal out.

Senbon Sakura, 71 Great George Street, Leeds, West Yorkshire, LS1 3BR.