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5 Mind-blowing Takeaways to Save You From Cooking in the Most Delicious Way

· Ali Turner · Food and Drink

Kebabs, bentos and Benedict – oh my!

Fettle Pork Benedict

This is what you’ve been waiting for, a perfectly valid excuse to get a takeaway!

Since lockdown, takeaways have become so much more important. They’re not just a lazy dinner, they’re a way to support the businesses that have been hit the hardest by the COVID-19 pandemic. And let’s face it, they’re a damned good pick-me-up when you’re stuck at home, missing the halcyon days of Friday night drinks and dinner with friends. But what to get? We’ve got five insanely delicious options for you…

The Korean Teller at Döner Summer

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Döner Summer has opened in Leeds bringing us their 100% vegan Berliner Kebabs. They have loads of options, but if you want something mind-blowingly awesome, try The Korean Teller. Inspired by the Berlin street food craze of Korean-style fried chicken, they take a pile of chips, fresh from the fryer and load them with vegan chick’n marinaded in ginger and five spice. Add pickled cabbage, kimchee mayo, cucumber, daikon, spring onion and sesame seeds for an epic lockdown feast.

Order online for collection and on Deliveroo for deliveries.

The Chicken Teriyaki Bento at Little Tokyo

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Little Tokyo reopened last weekend for collections and deliveries, so you can treat yourself to beast of a bento box. This is a four-part extravaganza that is guaranteed to fill you up. Start with a heaped pile of tempura vegetables – it’s got carrots, it’s got aubergines, it’s even got sweet potatoes! Next up is the teriyaki chicken – sweet, tangy and totally scoff-able, it’s perfectly paired with steamed rice. And to finish? A refreshing salad, complete with their secret-recipe Japanese dressing. Delish!

Call 0113 243 9090 for collections or order on Deliveroo for deliveries.

The Pork Belly Benedict at Fettle

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Something a little bit different. Fettle has reopened for collections and deliveries, which means you can do brunch at home. Their menu will make you redefine your favourite mid-morning meal with new favourites like their Pork Belly Benedict. It all starts with a slice of seeded rye sourdough toast. They piled on slow-roasted belly pork, poached eggs and Hollandaise, then add apple and pickled fennel. The finishing touch? Their homemade rye and pumpkin seed crumble.

Order online for collection and on Deliveroo for deliveries.

The Pani Puri at The Cat’s Pyjamas

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The Cat’s Pyjamas is back, which means you can get an Indian street food feast delivered to your door. This particular dinner is designed for sharing, so you order a mass of dishes and tuck in, but whatever you do, make sure you get the Pani Puri. These little deep-fried crepes are round and hollow, which means they can fill them with all kinds of goodies. We’re talking tamarind chutney, chilli, chaat masala, potato, onion, chickpeas and flavoured water. You might want to double-up that order.

Call 07984 452214 for collections or order on Just Eat for deliveries.

The Sushi Platters at Waki Maki

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Imagine having an almighty platter of fresh sushi delivered to your door. That’s the absolute delight in store for you with Waki Maki. They only deliver on Saturdays and you have to pre-order, but you’ll be treated to a 50-piece sushi set, complete with salmon nigiri, tuna maki and all manner of uramaki. They get their fish from indie favourite Tarbett’s, so you’re in for a real treat, but you’d better be hungry. This is a mega feast – it’s too much for one, hell, it’s too much for two, but the leftovers will be delicious.

Call 07398 117270 to order.