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5 of the Coolest Boozy Discoveries to be Made in Leeds

· Ali Turner · Food and Drink

Liquor has never been so cool.


Even if you’re an outright party animal, there are still some seriously cool boozy discoveries to be made in Leeds…

Leeds is famous for its beers, with a string of breweries to its name, but that’s not the only boozy discovery to be made here. In fact, you can drink rare whiskies, bagsy your own private liquor cupboard in a city centre cocktail bar or try a gin infused with the essence of wood ants – it’s time to uncover a different side of the city’s nightlife.

Rare whiskies sold at cost price

Whiskey, whisky

This is your chance to discover a world of rare whiskeys, without blowing your budget, because the Northern Quarter’s newest drinking den, The Domino Club, hunt down hard to find whiskeys and sell them at cost price. It won’t turn a profit for them, but it’ll give you a chance to try scarce tipples like Octomore by Bruichladdich, the peatiest whisky in the world.

Your own private booze cabinets


Thewlis is one of the city’s best cocktail bars and hidden within is a secret you’ll want to uncover. You see, you can buy their premium spirits by the bottle and stow them away in your own private drinking cabinet. It’s locked up, to keep your booty safe – just give them the key to get your next round.

Small batch gin made with ants

Lazy Lounge Ante Gin

Get yourself down to Lazy Lounge to try one of the most unusual tipples you’ll ever wrap your lips around. Anty Gin is a small batch gin distilled with wood ants. Yes, you read that right, each bottle contains the essence of approximately sixty-two formica rufa (red wood ants). Why? Because it enhances the flavour. It’s £20 a shot, but they recommend that you drink it the traditional way, with tonic, for £22.20.

Spirits stilled & served in the same place

Jake's The Cocktail Experience

Jake’s is one of the most famous bars on Call Lane, but what you might not know about this popular drinking den, is that they distill their own spirits on site, creating a series of unique homemade liqueurs that give their cocktails extra pop. Think on the next time you’re three-deep at the bar.

Experiential cocktails that will transport you to another place

Below Stairs

Below Stairs is a super cool underground bar that likes to get creative with its cocktails. Their unique concoctions are designed to tell a story. Take the 109 Miles to Filey for example – it brings together Seaweed Distillate Gin, Wild Flower Eau du Vie, their Islay Scotch ‘seafoam’ and an edible pebble to take you on a whimsical walk along the Yorkshire coastline, all without leaving the venue.