5 Quick, Easy & Immensely Tasty Breakfasts You Need in Your Life

· Darcie Hewitt-Dudding · Food and Drink

The best morning meals Leeds has to offer.

O&R Full English Breakfast

Whether you like to feast on eggs, pancakes or veggie sausages in the morning, you’ll find something to satisfy in these speedy breakfast options!

Breakfast is categorically the best meal of the day. If you agree (and who wouldn’t), you might be wondering which breakfast dishes you should try in Leeds. From Mexican-inspired breakfast burritos and fluffy American pancake stacks to British bubble and squeak, these are our top picks for a quick, easy and tasty breakfast to start your day the right way.

Breakfast Burrito at If

Breakfast burrito at If Coffee Bar

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The breakfast burrito from If is the epitome of a quick, easy and tasty dish. A soft tortilla filled with pillowy scrambled egg, creamy cheddar, salty bacon and spring onions, layered on top of crispy hash browns. It’s everything you could ever want from a breakfast wrap, and it comes served with a side of salsa to spice up your morning. Going meat free? There’s a vegetarian version with mushrooms instead of bacon. Delish!

If Coffee Bar, 43 Call Lane, Leeds, West Yorkshire, LS1 7BT & 18 York Place, Leeds, West Yorkshire LS1 2EX.

Bubble & Squeak at Laynes Espresso

Veggie Bubble & Squeak

Credit: Tom Martin

Known for their phenomenal coffee, Laynes Espresso also does great breakfasts. Try the bubble & squeak! It’s a typical British comfort food, but this one comes with a fresh and slightly healthier twist. They combine earthy kale and peppery spring onion in a crispy potato fritter, then top it with bacon and a golden-yolked fried egg. Served with pan-kissed tomatoes and a sprinkling of greens, it’s an enviable way to start the day.

Laynes Espresso, 16 New Station Street, Leeds, West Yorkshire, LS1 5DL.

O&R Full Breakfast at Olive and Rye

O&R full english breakfast

Credit: Oliver Dixon

Fancy a full English with an artisanal twist? All the joys of a fry up made with incredible, locally-sourced ingredients? Then head to Olive & Rye for the Full English. Instead of your standard bacon, you have crispy pork belly and instead of Heinz, you have homemade baked beans infused with smoky chorizo. The black pudding is the unexpected star – it’s made by hand with apple and fennel to give the humble blood sausage a lift.

Olive & Rye, 18-20 Queen’s Arcade, Leeds, West Yorkshire, LS1 6LF.

Bacon and Maple Pancakes at Moose Coffee

Moose Coffee pancakes

Fancy a trip across the pond? With a love of American breakfast culture, Moose Coffee brings a little bit of the Big Apple to Bond Court. Tuck into an American classic, with three fluffy pancakes piled high and topped with four slices of smoked streaky bacon. The whole delicious mess is dusted with icing sugar and finished with a generous drizzle of maple syrup and butter. To drink? It has to be a Classic Americano.

Moose Coffee, Bond Court, Wine Street, Leeds, West Yorkshire, LS1 2JZ.

Granola Pot at Sheaf Street

Granola Pot

Credit: Amy Heycock

You can start your day with a hit of healthy goodness thanks to the granola pot at Sheaf Street. Don’t mistake healthy for bland, this breakfast is packed with flavour and texture. You’ve got the crunch of oaty granola, the smooth and creamy greek yoghurt and the sweet, tangy homemade fruit compote, all layered up in a pretty glass jar. For that extra smug healthy feeling, pair with a Canton tea – they have fruit, green, mint and rooibos on the menu.

Sheaf St, 3 Sheaf Street, Leeds, West Yorkshire, LS10 1HD.