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Exclusive Offer: Get a 5-course Chef’s Tasting Menu & a Glass of Fizz at Crafthouse for Just £30

· Ali Turner · Food and Drink

Enjoy extraordinary food for ordinary prices this summer.

Crafthouse Tasting Menu

Crafthouse has a way of making the ordinary extraordinary. Expect creative dishes, artfully designed by Executive Chef Lee Murdoch and cooked at 480 degrees over charcoal on their Josper grill. Find out more…

Now’s the time to check out Crafthouse because they’ve got an offer that’s simply too good to miss…

This autumn, Crafthouse is cooking up a delectable 5-course chef’s tasting menu and you can get it for just £30 with a glass of Chandon. It will bring together the flavours of autumn in new and exciting ways, as Executive Chef Lee Murdoch serves up a string of beautifully crafted dishes that defy expectation. This is your chance to turn your next evening out into a culinary adventure, and all for a surprisingly low price, so snap it up while you can.

Hand-crafted dishes from a world-class chef (for a bargain price)

Crafthouse Tasting Menu

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Crafthouse has earned itself a reputation as one of the city’s most prestigious fine dining institutions. Behind the scenes, Murdoch is immersed in an endless cycle of innovation. He’s constantly experimenting to find new flavour combinations that will challenge you to see past the conventional to the exceptional. And there’s no better way to experience it than with his chef’s tasting menu.

He starts with his suppliers, using fresh, seasonal produce as his inspiration – which is why the menu changes on a near-daily basis. If he can get his hands on a fresh, fragrant batch of sweet cicely, in that short 4-week window when it’s in season, he’ll throw out the menu just so he can give you a taste of those unique flavours.

And if one dish changes, the others will too because there’s a natural flow to his tasting menus. Each dish complements the last and leads you into the next, as you work your way through 5 courses of artfully prepared and beautifully presented food.

Try this 5-course autumn tasting menu for just £30

Crafthouse Tasting Menu

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As you’ve probably guessed, the menu is subject to change, but we caught up with Murdoch to find out what’s on it right now, and it’ll give you an idea of what’s to come.

This is a chance to try something you’ve never had before and the first dish on the menu is the perfect example. ‘Pillow’ is the name they’ve given to their home-baked Arabic-style bread. They prove the dough for 24 hours to create this crunchy, hollow roll, which is filled with chicken liver pate and garlic mousse, then served with a slither of pickle to cut through those rich flavours and prepare your palate for the culinary adventure ahead of you.

Broccoli & squash velouté is up next. They’ve combined two of the season’s most vibrant vegetables to create a delicious dish with a few surprises in store. Their light, frothy velouté is brought to life with pickled strawberries, earthy Josper-grilled celeriac and blue cheese beignet.

Crafthouse Tasting Menu

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That will lead you on to the salmon, a dish that, at first glance, sounds relatively conventional. They’ve combined pan-roasted salmon with squash, gnocchi and parmesan foam, but all is not what it seems. You see, they don’t roll their gnocchi, instead they make a light batter, so when they poach it in butter stock, it puffs up into a wonderfully light and fluffy dumpling. Flavoured with parmesan and truffle, it’s a delicious alternative to the norm.

The next dish is an exercise in versatility. They’ve created three very different takes on chicken – serrano ham-wrapped breasts, buttermilk chicken thighs and mini pies with a mushroom, tarragon and white wine sauce. Served together, they utilise every part of the chicken, and while each one is different from the next, the flavours all work together to take the dish to the next level.

And finally, to finish, you’ve got a twist on a classic. It’s a homage to fresh strawberries, with layers of jelly, fresh strawberries and vanilla sponge, topped with a strawberry marshmallow, dipped in strawberry chocolate. It doesn’t get more British than that.

Terms & conditions

Offer entitles you to a 5-course chef's tasting menu with a glass of Chandon for £30 from 30th July to 30th September 2018. Maximum of 8 people per table and everyone in your party must have the 5-course tasting menu. Available from 12pm to 2:45pm Tuesday to Friday and from 5pm to 9pm Monday to Friday. Non-refundable. Once you've paid, you'll receive a confirmation email prompting you to book your table at the restaurant for a convenient time on your chosen day. Availability is limited and tables will be booked on a first come, first served basis. If you are unable to get your desired time, you may be able to reschedule your booking for a different day, subject to availability. Standard restaurant policies and restrictions apply, contact the restaurant for more details. Menu may be subject to change, please check with your server. Standard Leeds-List terms and conditions apply. Cover image © Copyright Leeds-List 2018 by Elouisa Georgiou.