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Fettle’s Scrumptious All-day Brunch Is Back and Ready to Deliver to Your Door

· Ali Turner · Food and Drink

Time for an oh-so-delicious brunch at home!

Fettle Brunch

Once a brunch hotspot and now a fine-dining institution, Fettle has grown into something rather special. Support them and treat yourself to something from their mouthwatering all-day takeaway menu. Order online.

This treasured Leeds independent won’t go down without a fight…

Fettle’s knack for creating seasonal, heartfelt fare has turned it into a small slice of Scandi fine-dining heaven. But just as they hit their stride, the COVID-19 fallout knocked them for six. They’ve had to adapt in a big way, but their passion fuels their determination. The result? A brand new takeaway service, packed with Fettle’s finest dishes, so you can fill your brunch boots at home and help them make it to the other side.

Behold, your next Fettle fix is here!

Fettle Brunch

After four years delicious toil, owners Kamil Wangin and Simon Hawkins were proud to see their baby blossom into something both unique and beloved. Their brunch menu has become stuff of legends and it’s the focus of their new takeaway menu. One-of-a-kind dishes like salt-baked carrots with Jerusalem artichoke crisps (their own vegan version of salmon gravlax) rub shoulders with indulgent crowd-pleasers like slow-roasted, apple-slicked Pork Belly Benedict.

A mix of drool-worthy and daring, with generous options for vegans and anyone with dietary intolerances, it’s an exciting menu that retains many of their most popular options. Not sure where to start? The homemade crumpets get our vote. These airy little beauties are the perfect vehicle to carry a delectable dollop of mixed mushrooms, spinach and vegan mace butter to your mouth. They remain one of the best dishes they’ve ever created – and even from your living room, you’ll find it hard to disagree.

Fettle Brunch

While shifting the business to takeaway is an enormous change, the beating heart of Fettle remains resolutely the same. Innovative dishes, inspired by Kamil’s Norwegian heritage, are meticulously dreamt up with the sole purpose of making you feel good inside. Their cured fish smørrebrød uses sustainable sea trout over salmon, while the fried gnocchi with mushrooms gets its silky richness from sunflower seed rather than the ethically dubious cashew nut. Whether it’s seasonality or sustainability, Fettle cuts no corners when it comes to making sure your meal is guilt-free.

There are drinks to order too. A perfectly peachy Prosseco from a small supplier in Northern Italy, bottles of local beer from Saltaire Brewery, European wines, plus takeaway coffees and their famed iced turmeric latte for those of you lucky enough to live within walking distance. Take your pick from dairy, oat or protein-packed pea milk. What finer way to perk up your daily exercise?

Belly cramming with a conscience

Fettle Brunch

It’s not just happy tums that stoke Fettle’s spirit – it’s also the people who make it all possible. From staff to suppliers, Fettle’s fierce loyalty has informed much of their decision-making since the pandemic began. “It’s not just about us and our work, we’ve got a lot of employees to think about,” Simon explained. “Our little restaurant supports 13 households. And then, of course, we’ve got our suppliers – they rely on all of the small companies ordering from them.”

At first, this sense of duty meant staying open for their staff who needed the hours, as well as honouring orders with small producers like halloumi from Yorkshire Dama and fresh fish from Leeds local Tarbett’s. It even led them to sign up with a charity, so they could supply hot meals for NHS staff in nearby hospitals. But looking ahead to the future, meant forging a new direction, one that keeps you well-stocked in scrumptious Scandi fare and helps to save this cherished independent. Will you join them?

Fettle Brunch

As spring leads into summer, new produce begins to sprout. “We’ve been talking to our suppliers to see what’s coming into season now,” Simon told us. “The farmers around here need all the help they can get, so if we can do our little part, I think that’s important.” In the weeks to come, you can expect freshly picked asparagus, watercress and roasted chicory to appear on the menu. You might even spot the welcome addition of Simon’s yummy homemade vegan cheese too.

“Every single season we were doing something better and better, based on our mistakes and our successes. We didn’t just serve food, it was an experience,” Kamil explained – and while we may have to wait to enjoy that experience again in full, with their new takeaway service, it’ll still be there waiting when all this is over. So go on, indulge, because you’re helping to keep a beloved indie alive.

Fettle is open for takeaway and delivery from 10am-8pm Thursday to Saturday and 10am-3pm on Sundays. You can order collections online, including hot drinks to-go, or get a delivery from Deliveroo.