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Missing La Bottega Milanese? Then you'll love this!

La Bottega Milanese

La Bottega Milanese is more than a place to feed your caffeine needs, it’s a place to network, relax and be seen. For now, it’s closed, but in the meanwhile, you can buy their coffee and help protect their future. Visit the webshop now.

La Bottega Milanese may have closed, but you can still make their incredible coffee at home.

2020 marks the 10th anniversary of La Bottega Milanese, but their celebrations have been cut short by COVID-19. They made the call to close their doors the morning before the Prime Minister ordered everyone to shut – they simply couldn’t, with good conscience, continue trading if it put their staff or customers at risk – but now they’ve found a way to give you the Bottega Milanese experience at home.

They brought the cafe culture of Milan to Leeds, now they’re delivering to your door

La Bottega Milanese

La Bottega Milanese is more than just a coffee shop, it’s a movement, a lifestyle. They brought the cafe culture of Milan to Leeds and turned your daily caffeine injection into a social event. You can catch up over coffee, do business over cannoli and unwind over Aperol Spritz, because this is a home from home, somewhere you keep coming back to, where the baristas know your name and the espresso never disappoints.

They are trailblazers. Over the last decade, they’ve helped shape the city’s independent coffee scene and become a Leeds institution in the progress. They now have two shops, one in The Light and one on Bond Court, and their coffee is used in restaurants, bars and offices all over the city. But the coronavirus pandemic has brought it all to a grinding halt – the shops have closed, the orders have stopped and their future is uncertain.

La Bottega Milanese

“We decided to call it quits on the Friday morning,” Owner Alex Galantino told us. “All of a sudden, it dawned on me the importance of what was about to happen and the effect it was going to have on myself, on the company – something that took a good 10 years to build. Apart from everything else, I was just going to miss the daily shenanigans, the daily dynamic – it was the realisation that this would just stop and I didn’t know if it was going to come back.”

This isn’t just business to Alex, it’s personal, so he won’t go down without a fight. But no matter how passionate he is about La Bottega Milanese, or how generous his regulars are, he doesn’t feel comfortable asking for money – he wants to earn it the traditional way, so he’s launched a new webshop where you can buy gift vouchers, merchandise and their own brand speciality coffee.

Order your coffee and become a home barista

The secret to the amazing coffee at La Bottega Milanese goes beyond their expert baristas. They’ve created their own special blend of coffee. La Classica is speciality grade. It’s made with ethically sourced, 100% Arabica beans freshly roasted in Yorkshire every Tuesday. They use four different types of bean to create a unique flavour profile – it’s smooth, it’s balanced and it leaves a wonderful taste on the tongue.

La Classica changes from season to season, as they refresh the tones and try new beans, but the flavour profile is always the same. They combine Brazilian, Colombian and Indian beans to give it a rich chocolate-hazelnut base, then add their accent flavour. Right now, they’re using aromatic Ethiopian beans to bring out the bright, acidic notes of red fruit. The result? A lovely, drinkable cup of coffee that you can make at home.

La Bottega Milanese

“To start off as a home barista, there are two things you need to be doing,” Alex told us. “First of all, you need to be buying very fresh coffee from a speciality independent roaster or coffee shop – that’s the main thing, just buy great quality coffee. And then I’d say invest in a grinder, whether it’s a hand grinder for your brewed coffees or an electric grinder for your espresso, you want to grind your coffee just before you brew it.”

With lockdown extended for at least three weeks, we’re all home baristas now, but that doesn’t mean we’re experts, so Alex and his team will be ramping up their Instagram presence with live tutorials to help you make the perfect brew. And if you’re wondering if you need to splash out on an espresso machine – you don’t. 90% of the time, Alex would recommend an AeroPress. It’s cheaper than an espresso machine, more forgiving than a pour-over and infinitely better than a cafetière, so you can make consistently good coffee with very little trial and error.

Stock up and brew up with 10% off

Bottega Milanese

For a limited time only, you can get 10% off coffee at La Bottega Milanese, just add our exclusive discount code LL_LBM at the checkout. It’s only valid once, so stock up while you can! La Classica and Il Decaffienato are available in 250g boxes – you can choose whole beans or buy your coffee ready-ground for cafetieres, mokas, AeroPresses and espresso machines. They also offer a 1k bag of La Classica beans for big households and serious coffee addicts. So what are you waiting for? Order now, save 10% and start making Bottega-quality coffees at home.

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10% discount available when using the code LM_LBM only. Enter the code at the checkout to get the discount. Valid until Friday 22nd May 2020. Cannot be used accumulatively or in conjunction with any other offer. Only valid once. The promoter reserves the right to amend to withdraw this offer at any time without notice.